how to fix corrupted memory card o mmc

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The cure I have established on my fragile MMC was a success. My MMC is back on its raw state. Empty but usable again. Due to this simple event in my life, I now believe on things i dont see. The old saying "to see is to believe" is now deleted on my vocabolary. I thought im gonna buying a new one again, but thanks God, its now ok.

The Cure
Good thing is i have preinstalled MCFixer at my phone's internal memory long ago since my first MMC corrupted. What ive done was to format it with that nifty application because the system formatter doesnt works anymore. The first try works but gets corrupted again. So i format it again but the same thing happened. I thought it is the bug at this beta version (i wondered if the final version was released out there, i couldnt find it). After writing on the memory the fresh formatted memory card gets corrupted again. So ive decided to read on how to use the MCFixer by searching on the internet.

The Answer
What ive found out is, it (the MCFixer) was created for n-gage phones MMC. I dont care much about it, as long as the app runs on my phone. They said that after the installation on your phone memory, you mus reboot your phone. Format it. Then reboot again. Ahah! So it needs restarting, which i didnt done. Ive tried it but, it got corrupted again. WTS! I thought it would now work. Having tired and given up on this shit, i decided to sleep. When i woke up. Its fine now. Yey. Maybe all it needs was a long break after a format session.

Further Medications
Ive decided to still bring my phone at school, though i dont want to, but for the sake of the movie-making, we'll try. Its not fully charged and the estimated time maybe at the early of Physics. Thats good coz i can focus on that subject now. But having a LightCtrl app, makes my battery prolongs. My plan now was to just put only multimedia files (no porns) and text files, few useful and mostly used apps, no more vanity stuffs, no more games. Just a Nokia N70 music&internet edition, not a gaming edition. Not, anymore.

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