How To Ignite The Artistic Side Of Your Kids

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How To Ignite The Artistic Side Of Your Kids
Essential Guide to The Future Artist

Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You saw a viral video online of a kid less than five years old and knows how to play a musical instrument like a professional performer and you were amazing.

You thought how wonderful would that be if your kid at least learns how to play a simple basic musical instrument or paint, or doing something that grown-ups are doing good.

That is great but you must remember that you can't force something that you like for your kids and they are not interested in. The trick is to show them at a younger age that these things are for grown up yet they can try if they wanted to.

So how do you do that? I'm gonna list down ideas on how to transform your kids' interest to what you want them
to be, well at least to try without any force applied. ;)

1. Kids are born curious. The Daredevil!


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It is the kids' nature to be more curious than ever especially if you are telling them the 'no-no', well human nature as it is. They are naive and don't realize they will get hurt if you tell them not to go here or there, or not to do this. All kids know if they like that and they will do this.

Later on, as they progress and gain more consciousness above all things every day, that is when a caution for themselves start. But you can be of great example for their discoveries as well. Show off. Let them copy what you do if its for the betterment.

Elusive and confident that they can and they will. Kids are versatile, fragile and wonderful in all sense and such adorable angels to be taken care of, and to teach a new hobby will greatly influence their perceptions in life as they grow.


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2. Teach them by showing off


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The best way kids learn is by observation, you might think that they don't pay much attention but they do!

Kids are as talented as a copy machine, observing in detail and working the knowledge of know-how in their own ways. They might not show interest in what you do or teaching, however, you'll be of great surprise to know that they might do that better than what you have shown and taught them!

Kids are a great surprise box!

3. Let them copy


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Allow them to do things on their way, the safer way. If you think they'll be okay. Go and let them learn more by few bruises, it won't kill them but will give them more courage to do so.

Kids are like soldiers, they are braver and stronger than you think, so always put your trust in them as they are doing with you. Besides you are their world. A new art painting or any new hobby will just be around to tell you and show you that they are growing up but they will need you more than ever.

4. Make it feel like it is fun


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Whatever you do with your kids, make it feel like it is fun. Kids remember the feeling of doing it and not the steps you told them to do. If they felt good and an overflowing of love, surely they will learn that new thing and will definitely love it because you make them feel it is good and full of love.

Affection matters to every decisions and action.


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"


Pablo Picasso


5. It is a normal routine


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Make it feel like it is just a normal everyday task. If you want kids to learn a new artistic hobby like playing the guitar, start getting small guitar toys, or finger-paints and let them do it with you every day until they can recognize it and be part of their routine. But not just a tedious one but a much lively and adventurous too.

6. Compliment them


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It matters this boost their confidence sky-rocket-high and they feel better when they hear you say they are great in that. You might not notice but they are doing their best, the effort comes the moment they tried doing something that saw from someone else. A few words of encouragement won't hurt if you spell it out.

Create a positive aura and a feel-good ambiance in the house, laugh and talk about it, give tips and tricks if you can about what they do. Make them feel you are there and they can trust you. Build a strong bond, a wonderful open relationship, and friendship.

7. Enroll in school with the same interest


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Now, this may seem jumping over the next step but if you talk about it and they are interested to learn more and meet other people with the same interest, the go get that phone, ring a bell and sign them up for further development.

Who knows, they are the next big shot!

8. It's okay to make mistakes


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Let them feel love more when they did mistakes, don't make it feel like they are a disappointment. It cuts a wound you cannot see. Chose words to heal an already broken heart rather than making it bleed from the inside.

A nice warm hug heals a broken and weary soul, exercise long hugs and an unexpected shower of kisses to your kid. They are kids and they need more love than any material things.

9. Teach them humility


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The world is losing it, let your kid be one of the few bearers of the light to shine the most. It is okay to be proud however boasting is not good. It takes away the very essence of life and humility. Make them human and you will save yourself from any worries in the future.


10. Let them have fun


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton

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At the end of every activity, experimentation and all this effort to learn new things, having fun should top the list. When they are having fun and feeling good about it, support them more and make them feel okay, never limit the process to what is convenient for you. You should be the behind-the-scenes for every great artist in the making ;)



On a final thought.

Every parent wants their kids to do better than they are. It is a selfless act of allowing room for growth for kids. You are doing a great job nurturing your kid to be a better person, you deserve love more than anyone else. There may be times that you feel overwhelmed by all of the worlds issues, that's completely okay so as you love yourself too. Remember that you are your kids' source of strength and that means you have to take care of your health more to do so. Love what you do so you can share that light and love to them too, overflowing and wonderful!



Stay safe and have a great day.

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