How To Increase Your Buzz Score?

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The Buzz Score contains 2 parts: the base Buzz Score and the Buzz Bonus.
What counts in the base Buzz Score:
Photo Albums
Social Media sharing

The different types of Buzz Bonus are:
Subscribers Bonus
Shop Purchase Bonus
Friend Invitation Bonus
Daily Login Bonus
Content Treasure Bonus

Upload high quality content such as:
Micro-blogs: Post short status updates, questions, thoughts, pictures, etc.
Blogs: Write quality blogs. High quality blogs receive more points in the Buzz Score.
Movies: Upload quality videos. High quality videos receive more points in Buzz Score.
Photo Albums: Upload your pictures.
Share on Social Media: Share other users' content by clicking on the social media sharing buttons(Facebook, Twitter, Google+).
Become influent: Have your subscribers and friends watch, read and share your content.
Be consistent in uploading content.
Be creative and original: Post interesting and original content to engage your audience in order to gain new subscribers. Spam and duplicated contents will not contribute to your Buzz Score.
Obtain more daily Buzz Bonus

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