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In this modern era, everything is getting modified. In the race of living a luxury life, everyone is busy. We are forced to work day and night to get all luxuries but no one ever asks us to stop and think. We are getting materialistic and trying to find happiness in costly objects. We think that the only thing that can make us happier is related to money. But I think the reality is far from that. Happiness does not lie in big homes, branded clothes, luxury car etc. it lies in a pure smile.



Some people have wealth and every charm of life but still, they are not satisfied. Why is it so? It’s just because they lack internal satisfaction. Most people are stressed and unhappy in their lives also. What should they do to live a happy life? I will advise some things that will help you to live a happy life. Following these will surely help you.

Stop expecting for a happy life

Shakespeare said:

“I always feel happy, You know why?

 Because I don’t expect anything from anyone, Expectations always hurt”.

One of the biggest things that I got after calculating all my life is that “EXPECTATIONS ALWAYS HURT”. I know when we have a strong bond with someone expectations got high. Unintentionally we start expecting one thing or another from those people. But what if they do not stand on our expectations? What if they fail to be on that level of expectation? The answer is really simple we got hurt.



We broke badly because what we were expecting didn’t happen. So instead of expecting and hurting why don’t we stop expecting? If we do not expect anything we will never get hurt.  We always live happy because we are not depending on someone to do anything for us. It’s the secret of a happy life. If a person wants to live a happy life I suggest him/her to stop expecting.

Be thankful for what you have for a happy life

There was a time when I was not happy at all. I just start hating my life because I wanted to rise high. Whenever is see my fellows or someone rising high I got depressed that why not me? After being depressed for a year, I realized that whatever you have is a blessing so being grateful. Maybe there is someone who is wishing to be at your place. So, I start loving my place, I start loving whatever I am blessed with. And now I am satisfied mentally. If a person wants to live a happy life I advise him to be thankful for whatever he has.



Love yourself for a happy life

One of the biggest mistakes we all do is we don’t love our self. We love our parents, children, friends, spouse etc. but we ignore our self. We always wait for someone to love us, to do something special for us. It’s all because we don’t love our self; we never try to do anything for ourselves. We all are doing wrong with ourselves. We should love ourselves because without loving what we are we are not able to love others.



A man who loves his existence can make this world even better place. The secret of happy life lies in loving yourself because only then you will love everything. If a person wants to live a happy life I advise him to love himself first.

 Don’t let negative thoughts ruin your life

We all think about different things. Sometimes the thoughts are negative while sometimes bright and positive thoughts fill our mind. Negative people and negative thoughts are like energy suckers so I suggest whenever some negative thought start teasing you just throw it out. Think positive it will not only excite you but also gives you the energy to do wonders. If a person wants to live a happy life I advise him to burn all the negative thoughts and allow only positivity.



Be a Sun instead of a torch for a happy life

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You might be thinking that what is meant by Be a Sun instead of a torch”? I will explain. Torch and sun both are used for having light but the only difference between both is torch is controlled by a switch. While the sun is uncontrollable it doesn’t need a man to switch it on. Similarly, a man should behave like the sun. He should have to spread happiness everywhere instead of waiting for someone to come and switch it on.



No matter we don’t have anyone who can make us smile. But we can be a source of a smile for others. Be a sun start spreading love and joy and you will love this. The secret of happy life lies in making others happy. If a person wants to live a happy life I advise him to find happiness in the smile of others.

Stop living a robotic life, Do what you love

Money is making us robots because we want to earn more and more of it. In this race of earning money, we forget to have some break. We don’t spend time with what we love. Stop living such a ridiculous life. Give some time to yourself because this life is too short. As far as money is concerned a happy life is possible with small money. Do foolish activities with your friends and family. Enjoy every moment and forget about everything. If a person wants to live a happy life I advise him to do what he really loves.



Smile, smile and smile

A smile has enough energy that can be transferred without any wire to the person sitting in front of you. So, why don’t we spread this and increase this energy? Keep smiling for yourself and also for others because one smile can create thousands of smiles. If a person wants to live a happy life I advise him to keep smiling even if he is stressed. Because a smile will make you relax and energetic.



These are my personal recommendations for living a happy life. Maybe you have other strategies for living happily. I hope this will help you in leading a happy life.

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