How to live an Extraordinary life

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The topic earlier at sunday service is Living an Extraordinary life. Mediocre life is really common these days and no one wanted to step out in their comfort zone. Why? Simply because we wanted to do things that are just easy. You can see it in our generation right now, full of technology and instant things.

I was once living experience how to live an ordinary life. It is like yesterday that you continue to live for today. A routine of the things that you will do. But earlier, Kuya Romeo reminded us that God destined us to have a great life that is out of our comfort zone. He preached and used Peter as an example. Before Peter where just a simpke fishermen who live his life. Until He met and had an encounter with the Lord, you can read the passage of Luke 5:1-11 that was all about the miracle catch.

He mentioned four things how to have an extraordinary life. First os to live a life FULL OF PURPOSE. You must believe that God created you and He has a purpose why He created you. I remember what i've read in Purpose Driven Life book of Ps. Rick Warren that if you have a purpose you will have a clear purpose. You have a purpose why you live in this planet. God called you for greater things!

Second thing is Live a life FULL OF COURAGE. Nothing will happen to you if you always let your fear overcome you. Although you have fears you must still walk with faith. Next is you need to live a life FULL OF FAITH. Peter, although see that it is impossible to catch fish, still have faith and obeyed the Lord to lend the net then there was the net breaking harvest. It will take more faith to be able to have extraordinary life. Lastly, you must live your life FULL OF LOVE. Love overcomes all, and to fill your heart with love will transform you to a better person.

Hope you learned and blessed through the message of the Gospel today!

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