how to make high buzzscore? ......

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you should understand is the daily buzz it relies on two factors:
1. basebuzz: is your post does not get many buzz, some of the other posts you buzz buzz you more points the more you share, your post is another buzz is all your quality score the higher aggregate base will point to the increasing: basebuzz is not easy to spot because it takes up a lot of time and patience so I recommend for directbuzz
2-directbuzz; is the buzz direct you through facebook invite you to accept them in 4 days you are 10buzz DC every day you invite 3 people on your person if 3 + DC 30buzz with 20 daily buzz if you onl often is one day you 50 directbuzz then: D + for your daily basebuzz 40 that is of 90buzz
you have anymore questions then contact vs intelligence through

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