How to make something a habit.

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If you want to adopt something new and make it your habit, here are some some tips which can help you.

1. Commit to 2 Weeks – if you try and do it daily for a week or 2 week it will be in your routine and become your habit.

2. Start Simple –  You can not change in one day, so try to slowly change things. Its easy to get motivated but its difficult to achieve all in one day. For example if you want to study daily for 3 hours start by doing 1 hour 

3. Remind Yourself – Set a alarm and remind your self that you have a task to do. This will help  you to be consistent in making a habit

4. Get a friend – Get a friend on the same thing. Company in every situation is a good thing. In this case your buddy will be your competitor too.


5. Do not go for perfection – Do not expect that in first few days you will be prefect or can do something prefect. Give it some time and things will work out.

6. Reward yourself – When ever you think you are doing great, have a treat for yourself.


7. Do it just for Yourself - Forget what anyone else thinks, just think what you want and keep doing it for yourself. 

I hope you will like my tips. This is the first ever Blog i have written in my life. if you find mistakes, you can tell me. I will be glad. Peace friends.

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I am a software developer. I love to play computer games and watch movies. I also want to try new things. Hanging out with friends is my best hobby.

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