How to save ourselves from depression.

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How to save ourselves from depression.


1. Believe in Allah.

That he is the only one who solve our problems. And the patient of depression should not worry about their problems because Allah will solve his problems he should believe.



2. Make balanced in our life.

Like this half problems of our life will not b create. This rule is told by Allah. Do everybody work in balance way such as sell and buy, monthly budget etc. it will reduce chance of depression.



3. Take part in social work.

if you help other you feel happiness, that take you far away from your depression.



4. Sharing

Share your opinion, suggestions ,and problems with sincere friend and family member.



5. Expectation

Don't make expectations from others .



6 . Don't remember

Try to forget painful incidents , persons who caused make sadness.



7. Aim

Select an aim of your life and do hard work for it .



8. Lifestyle

Pass life with happiness. Be happy and make others happy.



9. Sleep

Take full sleep. Even 6 hours of sleep is essential.


10. Physical activity.

According to doctors patient of depression should do walk at least 10 minutes Daily . Physical activity is very good for them...

Hope these tips help to you.


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