How to stop Progression of Chataract

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How to stop Progression of Chataract

It is possible to stop the progression of cataracts if they are treated during their early development. If you suspect that you have a cataract, contact an opthalmologist immediately. Diet can be an important adjunct to this treatment.
The herbal extract bilberry is rich in bioflavonoids and assists in removing chemicals from the eye's retina.
The Chinese herbal preparation hachimijiogan has been used to increase glutathione levels in the lens. It has been used in China and Japan to treat cataracts quite successfully. Avoid bright light and direct eye contact with sunlight by wearing sunglasses whenever you are outdoors.

But till now the, in India, this treatment of Chinese technique, is not been applied to anybody. Hope India, will find out or adopt something easy procedure like that.

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