How to Verify Paypal account without Credit card in Pakistan?

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How to verify paypal with out a credit card in Pakistan? I know this question is eating your mind , so now I am writing an article to show you the other way to verify paypal account with out a credit card in Pakistan .Now a days it is a hard thing to get a credit card in Pakistan for a middle class person who can not bear the expenses attached with the process.

Verify paypal in india with out credit card
The banks are asking us to show income certificate, land documents for their security . But most of the bloggers in Pakistan are below 18 who can never get a credit card until they get a job first.
It is a big problem for them to pay bills for domains and web hosting.I also don’t have any job ,still I verified my paypal account with out any hassle. Then I thought that many young people in Pakistan might facing the same problem to verify paypal account and I decided to help them all with a simple blog post.

How To Verify Paypal With Out A Credit Card

Now you don’t need to worry anymore about this issue as I found a simple solution for this problem. There is only one way to verify paypal account with out having a credit card

With A Bank Account

I think it’s not a big deal to have a bank account on our names, as you can get one at HBL with a minimum balance of five hundred rupees . You can go for any other banks, but as I know HBL is best for us because others are asking ten thousand minimum balance to maintain an account with them.

OK. Get a bank account immediately as it may take a few hours to complete the procedure of account creation. Then you can easily attach it to your paypal and verify with in one week.

Note that you must require a PAN card in order to activate your paypal a/c completely. In Pakistan you should be older than 18 years to get a PAN card, but you can also use your parents card too. But the names in paypal , bank account and pan card should be exactly same.

Now your paypal account creation is completed, the rest thing is to wait patiently until they review and approve your application. It takes around seven to ten days for the complete process. You should note that there is no way to send payments online, this account is only to receive payments from other websites.

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