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Top earners make $100,000 PER WEEK!


* If you can tell the genre stories readers want to read, you can sell (you don't need to be a great writer);

* When you get noticed by genre readers, you'll build a loyal following;

* Discover the HOT trends, and follow them -- there's hungry market for these genres. Readers will gobble up everything you write.

Want to write fiction? More to the point, want to write fiction ebooks which sell thousands of copies a day? Read on.

Hi Fellow Writer

Today, savvy writers are writing fiction. More specifically, they're writing genre fiction.

If you want to sell, you must understand what genre is, how it can help you to sell, and also how to target readers of the genre in which you write.

Genre is the key to consistent sales. I work with writers every day who could sell a hundred times more books that they're selling now, if only they understood genre.

Think of fiction genres as a shelves in a bookstore. Your books need to be on the shelves to which readers go when they're looking for a mystery, a romance novel, a New Adult novel… if you're not on the right shelf, your books can't be found by their audience.

Genre readers are loyal to their genre. If you can give them what they want, they will buy every book that you write.

To give your readers the entertainment they crave, you need to write in bestselling genres.

In our new program, we look at the hottest genres — those genres you should be targeting if you want to make money.

If a genre appeals to you, write a short story or two to test the waters. Like the genre? Then dive in — start writing and publishing.

I created this program for writers who plaintively asked: "What's a genre?"

And for those writers who know what a genre is, but want to know: "Which genre sells most? Which genre for me if I want to sell more?"

Quitting your day job by writing genre fiction (yes, it's more than possible)

The Passive Voice blog has published several posts asking for indie authors who've quit their day jobs to comment on the posts. As you might imagine, lots of indie authors commented. Self-publishing can indeed help you to quit your day job.

Passive Guy said: "The most commented posts in the history of The Passive Voice have been those requesting the stories of indie authors who have been able to quit their day jobs and live on their writing income."

Does quitting your day job appeal to you? If it does, I created this program for you.

Introducing -- Write and Sell Commercial Fiction FAST: Bestselling Kindle Genre Fiction Cheat Sheets

Here’s what’s included in this program

Write and Sell Commercial Fiction FAST: Bestselling Kindle Genre Fiction Cheat Sheets
PDF, 68 pages

Fiction outsells nonfiction 6 to 1 on the Kindle Store. The hottest selling fiction of all — 69% of the 50,000 bestselling books on Amazon — is genre fiction.

In this program, you’ll discover everything you need to know about genre fiction, so that you can join the top-selling authors on Amazon.

Discover how find the hottest sellers, how to analyze them to see why they sell, and how to write your own hot-selling genre fiction.

This program contains solid, practical information — no fluff.

Genres covered include the hottest selling genres, including romance, historical romance, erotica (and how to avoid the sharks in those waters), paranormal genre fiction, and mysteries/ thrillers.

Bestselling Kindle Genre Fiction Cheat Sheets: Top 5 money-making genres YOU can write
5 PDF files

Just the facts. The FIVE hottest selling genres, and what you need to know to write them, including how to find FREE ebooks in those genres.

You can study these ebooks, and it won’t cost you a cent.

The genres:

* Romance

* Erotica

* Mystery/ Thrillers/ Suspense

* Paranormal/ Paranormal romance

* New Adult (the trendy genre that’s making authors rich, fast.

Hot, Hotter, Hottest: Write Bestselling Kindle Romances (romance fiction class)
PDFs, 77 pages

Romance is the hottest selling genre in fiction. You can make an unbelievable amount of money, if you're hard-working, and lucky enough to hit a nerve with readers.

How much money? H.M. Ward reports: "A book in the top ten sells around 5-10K copies per day. Let's take the average and give the book some wiggle room and say it's selling 7K copies a day @ $2.99. In 7 days you'll have made (net, not gross) over $100,000."

That sounds like an unbelievable amount of money — $100,000 in ten days. However, it's within the realms of possibility for you, if you remember it takes both hard work and luck.

Our bestselling romance fiction class will help.

If you’re not writing romance, you’ll nevertheless learn a lot from this class. It’s essential know-how, if you want to make money writing fiction.

Entertain Readers, and Make Money: Writing Genre Fiction is FUN
PDF, 20 pages

New to writing genre fiction? I’ve included this report for you as a free bonus.

We include these topics:

* How to write SHORT, and make money money, by focusing;

* Plot and place — how to create settings readers will love;

* Creating characters to whom readers respond (hint — don’t make them perfect);

* How to get organized, and write more


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