Human birth - a rare gift

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Har Har Mahadev
(each each Shiva(Mahadev)

According to Hinduism, each being is a form of God. Human birth is rare and got after being born in many forms right from a grain of sand, a tree, a cow, a tiger and so on to finally attain the form of a human being. (Human beings get involved in Maya or illusion and forget that only the human being has the capacity to use the brain to think and act and attain final liberation)

As a human being. you are able to read this. You are also able to understand what I have written. That means you are educated and can think for yourself. You must then not forget that the supreme power who created the universe (atheists please excuse me) will certainly have access to you, each and every one of you including me too. We only have to establish direct contact with the power and you will soon realize that the supreme power is inside you, not up above the sky so high.

What happens when we connect with God

We get love
we get peace
we get contentment 
we are totally free
no materialism affects us
nothing disturbs us
nothing destroys us
because we are the soul
unified in the whole
in the brotherhood of man
and the fatherhood of God


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