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Until a few years ago,only boys could become students at the university of Jami. then the university decided to Allow girls in, but one of the lectures, Dr.Obaid was not at all pleased .He had not wanted to let the girl student in. Dr.Obaid always used to begin his lectures with the word,' Gentlement!' what would he do now? Well , when the girls students came to his lectures for the first time , he continued to begin with the word 'Gentlemen' for him the girls were not there.

Then one day there was only one boy in his class among a lot of girls a moment, Dr.Obaid did not know what to do.

Then he began 'sir' finally a trreble day came when there were no boys in his class.He came in to the room:looked at the faces of girls and said, 'Oh, nobody is here today!'

Turned and went out without giving his lecture.

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Noorzia osmani was born in Herat, Afghanistan. she is interested to traveling and reading.

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