Humans of pakistan.

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The last message on her phone was mine, before her sim got blocked. She lost her phone last Tuesday on a public transport. Since it was an iPhone, we had no hope of getting it back until yesterday when I got a call from a lady who asked if I was Ahsan? I replied saying yes to which she responded telling that she and her husband found a phone and wanted to return it back. To me the words “want to return it back” were a setback; who does that nowadays? The lady then added that my number was the first they got from the phone. That is when I realized it was my friend’s phone which she had lost. At noon today, I got the phone back. The lady’s husband came to return the phone and he was a pretty decent gentlemen. His words caught my attention “Don’t worry about such petty things, Allah is there to safe keep your stuff.” I’m just so glad that there still exist such beautiful people with such strong beliefs. I hope and pray Allah gives us all the same strength and emaan. We got the lady a small present and thanked her a lot. This isn’t a story from a film but a true incident that happened to us. And I’m still in a shock. A shock of happiness!"

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