Hunting As A Sport And A Need For Survival.

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A painting showing Mughal hunters hunting for deer ( source: )

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  1. An Introduction To Hunting.
  2. Hunting As A Need To Survive.
  3. Hunting As A Sport.
  4. My Opinion On Hunting As A Sport.
  5. Hunting, Through Different Eras Of Time.
  6. Hunting In The Modern World
  7. Big Game Hunt.
  8. Hunting, A Major Cause Of Extinction.
  9. Steps That Shall Be Taken To Save Animals From Extinction.

An Introduction To Hunting

No one knows , when where and how the art of hunting animals took place, but it's history can be as old as history of human beings. How it took place? Maybe some of our ancestors saw predators consuming meat or maybe something else happened, who knows what happened. Hunting animals later proved to be very resourceful, it was a source of meat that is very rich in proteins, it was also source of animal skin/leather that was used to cover oneself from cold and many more things. Hunting has been part of nearly all empires throughout the time in many different ways. Early in stone-age times the women used to take care of babies and the so called house they used to live in and men were tasked with hunting and providing food to their family. It still happens in parts of Africa and wherever there are nomad tribes all over the world. In our modern society even, there are hunting clubs and groups that go out hunting. I personally like hunting, but when done in limits.

Hunting As A Need To Survive

There maybe lot of sources of food in areas with moderate temperature and low land terrain, like variety of food and fruits etc, but in deserts or cold mountainous areas, due to unsuitable conditions for growth for majority of plants and trees, the main source of food is animals. In other words it is necessary to hunt animals in such areas for survival. Animals can be source of food in such areas as well as source of skin. In cold areas people use these skins to cover themselves from harsh cold weather, where as in deserts people used animal skins to store water and cover themselves from cold desert nights.

A Painting Showing Stone-Age Hunters Consuming Animal Meat And Skin ( Source: )

A Picture Showing A Water Bag Used To Preserve Water, Made Of Animal Skin ( Source: )

A Picture Showing A Bucket Made Of Animal Skin Drawing Water From Well ( Source: )

A Video Showing The Making Of Water Bag Out Goat Skin ( Source: )


Other than skin and meat, the bones of animals were also used to make some useful tools and decorations. Animal meat and bones were also used in witchcraft and by magicians.

Some Of Native American Tools Made Of Bones And Stones. ( Source: )

A Witchcraft Magicians Tools Which Were Usually Sold To Them By Hunters ( Source: )

Hunting As A Sport

Hunting started as a need to survive which later turned into a sport. Maybe because some people find it thrilling. A sense of competition started to develop between hunters as they kept boasting about their hunt. This sense of competition later turned into a very cruel sport, which is still in existence. Hunters tried to hunt bigger and better animals, to show how expert they were. Later this sport caught attentions of kings of different empires of world. Hence it became a way to show people the power of oneself, and people started hunting animals unnecessarily. Nowadays too, many of wealthy people from our society hunt animals unnecessarily for their pleasure. 

A Picture Showing Indian Kings Hunting Predators ( Source: )

Spain's King Juan Carlos, Pictured Hunting An African Elephant ( Source: )

Sport Hunting Lead To Death Of Cecil The Lion ( Source: )

My Opinion On Hunting As A Sport

According to me no one has the right to take the life of other living being unnecessarily, if you are hunting for food and resources its ok, but if you are killing a living being just for your pleasure or to frame its head or to boast about your hunt, then its totally wrong. People who practice sport hunting shall be warned, fined and jailed. Sport hunting is leading to extinctions of many beautiful animals from the earth. Not today but tomorrow our generations will be only seeing pictures of many animals, because we didn't stopped sport hunting and extincted those animals. I'm afraid one day when all animals will extinct, will we start hunting each other for meat? Sport hunting shall be put to end.

 Hunting, Through Different Eras Of Time

Since we have talked about how hunting started as a need, and changed into a cruel sport, now we will talk about different ways of hunting that were used throughout the history. In the beginning the man must have eaten the animals killed by other animals, and that's the meat must be tasted for the first time by human. At that time, humans weren't intelligent enough to make traps and weapons, but as time passed, humans discovered the methods of making and using instruments, they became able to make weapons and traps and use them for hunting purposes. These weapons contained spears, bows, small catapults etc. Later humans realized that they can also train some animals to hunt for them. Among these animals most famous were hounds and falcons. The hunter who trains falcons for hunting and hunts with it is known as falconiere. Falconry is the art of training a falcon for hunting. This was very famous in Middle East and rest of Asia until the invention of guns. Falcons were used to hunt small animals such as rabbits and birds. It is still famous in Asia and practiced widely as a hobby all over the world. Nowadays we modern hunting equipment that have made hunting animals a lot more easier

A Stone Age Painting Showing Relation Between A Man And A Dog ( Source:

A Falconiere Probably Searching For Hunt With His Falcon Sitting On His Hand ( Source: )

A Video On Falconry ( Source: )

Hunting In The Modern World

The advancing technology has completely changed the way of hunting. Now we have very modern hunting equipment that have made hunting very easy. We have camouflage dresses, rifles, shotguns, animal scents, animal callers, binoculars  etc. However hunting is not the need of humans of today, as we have overcome the problems of surviving on the earth. For meat production we have animal farms that also produces skins. We also have different materials that are used in our clothes which keep us safe from harsh weather. So if someone is hunting in today's world, then its completely cruel and brutal. Only one form of hunting exists today and that is sports hunting which shall be strictly banned, and wildlife shall be left to grow.

Big Game Hunting 

The modern hunting equipment has made hunting safer and reduced the chances of a hunter  becoming a predators hunt. This technology has vanished the fear of animals from hunters, and hence hunters started to hunt big animals including big cats, elephants, rhinos, hippopotamus etc, very oftenly. Killing these big animals have become so easy that the life of the animal is a trigger away. You press it and you have killed another innocent, harmless animal. It has become a source of enjoyment and refreshment for people. It also have became a world famous business, where a lot of wealthy people take place. 

Cruel Hunting Of Animals ( Source: )

Hunting, A Major Cause Of Extinction

There is huge list of animals that we have lost due to unnecessary hunting. Its a loss that we can never ever recover again, but still we haven't learnt from our mistakes in past, and the worst thing is that we still have people carrying out sport hunting and killing animals. Today we have endangered hundreds of animals and species due to hunting. Following are some animals and birds hunted to extinction and some endangered animals.

Extincted Animals

  1. Dodo

    ( Source: )
  2. Tasmanian Tiger

    ( Source: )

  3. Passenger Pigeon

    ( Source: )
  4. Quagga

    ( Source: )
  5. Bubal Hartebeest

    ( Source: )

Endangered Animals

  1. Markhor

    ( Source: )

  2. Black Rhino

    ( Source: )
  3. African Lion

    ( Source: )
  4. Hippopotamus

    ( Source: )
  5. Polar Bear

    ( Source: )

Steps That Shall Be Taken To Save Animals From Extinction

  1. Wildlife organizations all over the world shall ban hunting of endangered animals.
  2. Sports hunting shall be banned or made very limited.
  3. Poachers shall be strictly punished.
  4. There shall be strict punishments on illegal hunting.
  5. Deforestation shall be banned.
  6. Animals shall be allowed to live in their natural habitats.
  7.  A healthy environment shall be ensured.
  8. Health of animals shall be monitored closely.
  9. Forests shall be kept clean.
  10. Human population shall not be allowed to settle in area where animals are living.


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