“I am the future of Pakistan”

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Pakistan as a miracle on the globe.

It was dark night of 13th august the land of fantasies emerged.

A land where Iqbal’s falcon was the guardian of culture, Iqbal’s Gul-e-Lala had its own fragrance, Iqbal’s jugnoo enlightened the path of glory for iqbal’s bulbul.


The hole world saw the dramatic achievement of this infant land. The land progressed in every field.


Then slowly; and gradually the volcano of religious sects erupted one caravan into sunni,Bralvi,Sheia and Deobandi. Today future of Pakistan is a question mark but before putting question mark to my country’s future I would like to ask a question from myself.
Who am I??







I am arfa kareem’

I am Ali Moeen Nawazish

I am Malala Yousafzai

I am break the SHACKLES of ignorance and to light the candle of knowledge to improve the lives of my countrymen.


I am the student of PAKISTAN studying in various institutions. I can not go to sleep every night when my mind reminds me of my brothers, sisters and my elders who are waiting to sleep. Why are they waiting? They are waiting for me to give them support, to give them shelter because I am the youth, I am the future.



I am Maqbool Hussain.

I am Major Aziz Bhatti.

I am captain Sarwar Shaeed.

“Courageous enough to defeat my enemies and to protect every inch of my homeland”


I am the young soldier standing on Pak-Afghan border and seeing Another soldiers entering into my land and killing my people. My general’s order is to stay calm and do not show any response but I think my penalty is death. I would fill that generals chest with bullets. Although Pak Army would five me penalty of death but my inhibitors will be proud that their future is bright.



I am Rashid Minhas

I am Hina Tahir

“I swell with pride that I have been trusted to save my boundaries. I am the fighter of Pakistan”


I am descendent of Rashid Minhas who was aware of death but was ready to hug death for his nation.



I am M.Ali Jinnah

I am Sir Syed Ahmed

“I have to drive my country to the highways to prosperity and success”


Friends! Lets pledge for the dignity of our country that we shall work day and night to make our country strong.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.




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