I, ME and MYSELF ...!!!

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So, this is about me here. I'm kind of new to this stuff but I really want to do this. People around me really don't want to listen to me. I don't know the reason. I speak, seek, optimize, adore reality. Without that I am impossible. I cannot listen people speaking shit. I want people to speak reality, come out of there fantasies and know that they have the whole real world ahead of them. Though that wasn't the thing actually to tell about. Everybody or most of you know that. Blogging, I've never understood it. I seriously don't know what it is. I just want to present myself to the world. I know I will sometime sound stupid, irritating, idiot, out of the world or a person from history but I'll try my best to be real. I don't know how to describe myself, I'll explain myself gradually in my later blogs. My blogs will be commonly related to issues in the world, gadgets, games, sports, cars, politicians, media, social media, education, global issues and whatever I'm not happy with. Actually am not happy with anything. I want everything like I want it to be. though it is not possible nut nothing is impossible but that is a general term so I don't believe in it. Yeah, I believe in miracles, they happen. So miracles are an exception for me. Don't look for answers in this world, look for possibilities. All you can do in this world is to succeed and die in the end. No one can live forever because everyone has to die one day. But it is said life cannot be contained because it is like pi. An irrational figure which goes on and on and on. It never ends. But thats not what we will talk about right now. It is about me. Well, I love to watch movies, read, I love music, I bleed green and i assume that i'm the happiest person in the whole world.   Well I guess, I don't have anything else to say right now. All I wanted was to publish my blog right now. I will try to keep calm and construct my blog. My opinions are not to hurt any one and they are only opinions to present I repeat "My opinions are not to hurt any one and they are only opinions" , yes we can discuss, but please if you don't like my post, tell me and I'll try to explain. Your comments are welcome. Thank you and I'll keep you posted.

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