I Think…

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I think…
I am in love
The sky is laughing for me
The Earth offers me its luxuriance 
Beautiful, aromatic flowers
A breeze wafting in the mornings
Fall storms 
Sunshine’s quiet embrace     
All things lovely,
And all people kind    
Life is beautiful    
With all its richness and poorness 
With all its crying and laughter 
Believe in yourself,
And open your heart to dreams and to love

When you are hopeful for your future,
Proud of yourself, proud of what you have and have not
When you plan well for your future
I think this is love
I do not need a reason for being in love
This happiness, these dreams are my reason
Love is trying honestly for a better future   
For myself, my family, my friends and society
Love is about continuing
Standing up without any fear.

Is this love?
Yes this is love
My religion is love
Because the sky with its shiny stars 
The wafting breeze carrying the scent of flowers and bushes 
The whoop of waterfalls
The crinkles of the leaves that fall from trees and lie underfoot
All of this is about being in love
This love is wonderful and will stay with me
I want to find the creator of these things
in my heart and my body
I kneel to him and say
Thank you my dear Allah
For your gifts of kindness and creatures 

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