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Beautiful valleys of Gilgit and Kashmir, Kaghan, Naran and  green  hills of Murree, , the goddess of beauty-Swat Valley, rich in natural resources- Balochistan, Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhiand hospitable Pathan, this is my beloved Pakistan which came into being on sacred day of Ramadan that was 14th August 1947. This is the land which came into being on the basis of the doctrine of Islam. Ali Moeen Nawazish, Umair Ali, Arfa Karim Randhawa, Hazair Ali and Ayesha Farooq belong to soil of Pakistan.

In the life of every nation Independence Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gratitude. At this day the people of nation buries their internal quarrels and conflicts and co-operates with their community. Unfortunately, we do not learn this strategy and our Political leaders are spoiling the importance of this day. Choudhary Rehmat Ali had suggested the word “Pakistan” for our homeland but now we people have lost the meaning of this Holy word and it has been divided into four kinds:

  • New Pakistan (KP)

• Old Pakistan (Punjab)

• Suspicious Pakistan (Balochistan)

  • Gone Pakistan( Sindh)

14th August 2009:

In this year on August 14 (Pakistan Independence) I have decided not to celebrate the Independence day to share grief, embarrassment and solidarity with the 9 innocent Christian citizens who were killed in the region of Gojra and their houses were set on fire. On my roof I hanged Pakistani flag at half and my television was shut and I have not listen any national song. I was ashamed for the brutal act.

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14th August 2010:

Lahore, 94 Ahmadis community were killed and 120 injured when rioters attacked two worship places in Lahore  of Ahmadiyya community  at the same time.

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14th August 2011:

In different parts of Balochistan 42  Shia people of Hazara community were killed by  terrorist attacks.


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14th August 2012:

In Chilas, Mastung, Quetta and Parachinar 91 Shias were killed in different months of 2012.

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14th August 2013:

In three separate suicide bombings in Quetta over 182 people of Hazara Shia community were killed and 121 were injured. Abbas Town, in the Shiite-dominated area of Karachi, 48 people were killed and 135 were wounded in bomb blast, most of them were women and children.

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In the church during worship at least 78 people were killed in Two suicide bombings in Peshawar.

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14th August 2014:

In Lahore on July 27th, four members of the Ahmadi community were killed and four others were seriously injured. Over alleged blasphemy a group of angry people attacked on five houses and burn them. Those who were killed in the attack,a 55-year-old woman named Bashiran, five-year-old Kainat, an eight-month Hira and a newborn baby who died of asphyxia due to suffocation.

In a country where lives of the minority are always in danger, where at any time a person could kill them for alleged blasphemy. I absolutely do not have the right to celebrate August 14 Independence celebration where people are still not free.

Did this land was made ​ free for this purpose???


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