Importance of courtesy in our life

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Courtesy have a great importance in our daily life. Courtesy means good manners and polite behavior. A kind word is a very little thing but it has a great impact in our life and sometimes these kind words give us a better reword. Courtesy satisfy ourselves and give pleasure to others.

Kindness not only enhanced the personality but have greatly noble effect on the character. The most important thing is the character of the person. A person who are kind and their behavior is very polite then all the people liked with them. But the person who are rude and ill mannered, no one like them. Courtesy is not bound for the special class of the person because in this age the peoples are divided into classes, upper class, lower class and middle class.

Courtesy is free from are the classes. It is the gift of god to humanity. Even who are poor or rich, if they have good manners and polite behavior then they will be successful in life. Courtesy does not live in more words because it is present in kind and good deeds. Courtesy is a profitable thing because when you show kind behavior to others as a result the other also respect you that will become yourself happy throughout the life.

If a person helps some one it also give the another way of happiness. Courtesy demands the good act and good manners in our daily life. The best manner and good act of our daily life is by saying everyone Assalam- u- Alaikum. It is a wish for happiness and peace. If someone help us than we called thank you. It is also included in a good manner.

The respect of elders, love of younger, take care of neighbors, help the friends, class fellows, parents also included in a good manner. To talk with the other in a polite behavior is also show the good manners .By doing all this in our life will be more happy, pleasant and comfortable.

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