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It is believed that woman is one reason for beauty in the world. For any woman her face is first and full introduction of her beauty. That’s why when some men feel that they cannot get woman then to defeat her ego and womanhood they burn her body and especially her face with acid. Today, the world is surrounded by different form of crimes. Most of the crimes have varied reasons .Like many other crimes the enemy of the beauty use acid as a weapon for beautiful women to spoil their beauty. We have learnt this crime of enmity with gorgeousness that is to make them atrocious by throwing acid on the beautiful faces and to make her unable to face the world from old rulers.

Apparently acid is a small item that is readily available at shops in the country. Beside its industrial use people bring it from the market for domestic use as consumer items. In Pakistan its price is less than the price of bottled water sold in the U.S. But it is a cruel and precarious item. Just in a few seconds it is enough to destroy someone's life. It is the most terrible weapon which is used against woman for terror. Maybe that ordinary people do not realize that it is even more devastating and the horrific than terrorist bombings. In Pakistan the daily news about abominable crimes and incidents of acid attacks are published in newspapers. The main victims of these incidents are mostly women.

Most worrisome is that these events are continuously increasing rather than decreasing and at the government level preventative measures are utterly unsatisfactory. It cannot be denied that the sexual lust is the main stimulation behind this activity due to nudity spread by media. The sad thing is that women did not ever feel the need to speak out against this exploitation. The leading cause behind rapidly rise in sexual crimes is the overexposure of women and it is affecting our young generation even our educational institutions have come under its influence. According to a report in Pakistan between 2007 and 2012, 786 cases have been reported about acid throwing. In Pakistan Acid Control and Acid Prevention Bills were passed  under which the criminals of acid attacks will be kept in prison for 14 years and also penalty of 10 lac  was fixed but incidents of acid attacks have increased ten times.

Nature is never cruel, man is most cruel creation. Social and psychological effects of these acid attacks are numerous and countless. Many of the victims of acid attacks become mentally ill. Unfortunately they had to depend on others, and employment opportunities are limited for them because they consider themselves unable to face the world and suffer from inferiority. Elena Ahmed has written a lot about the problems of victims of acid attacks in Pakistan, she said “These people, most of whom are women. Victims are battered psychologically, socially and physically in the society. A man who is the victim of acid attacks takes time to recover from this trauma but more than that he takes time to adjust in society. And often they detached from society”.

In Pakistan we have best organizations such as Acid Survivors Foundation, which works for the rights of affected people in Pakistan. June 5, 2014, ASF took part in the meeting of Women's Parliamentary Assembly of the Punjab which aims to prevent this crime and to discuss the amendments in acid and burn bill. Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's definitely has created awareness with his documentary film “Saving Face”. Project Save (Stand Against Acid Violence) is a remarkable organization which is inspired by the documentary Sharmeen Ubaid Chinoy's documentary film. These organizations have set excellent examples for those of media organizations.

These institutions are doing their work, but what the rest of the country is doing?

Who many of us have tried to do anything for affecters?

Have we given them opportunities to get education and job?

No we are not doing anything for these people especially for women. It is not just the problem of country it is worldwide issue which must be solved.


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