India a financial hub or rapistan?

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Mostly the world know India as a growing power it as the world largest democracy or it is admire in the world due to its film industry and historical background. Media also flashes India’s positive side and admires it a lot but as it is said by a wise man “everything has two sides” so that India has; it has a shimmering, glistering positive side as financial hub but it also has other dark side as rapistan ( country of rapists).

Last day suffering on TV I hear about the recent rape of two Dalit (low caste of Hindus) girls and their murder in the Utar Pardesh ( India's province) . As about 56% Indian population lack bathrooms in their homes and dispose in open these two girls went outside to empty their bladders and didn’t comeback. At morning villagers found their bodies hanging to the tree.   It was so awful. After the Delhi gang rape case in 2011 India has lost its respect in the world and Indian government has stricken the rules against the rape but this has shown no effect.

From Delhi gang rape case to till now about three thousands rape cases were registered and about twelve hindered girls were killed after rape. No one knows the exact figures of victims and it is still going. Media and women rights organizations are screaming on that matter and asking for government to take action. Police is saying that they are searching for rapist who did that but who knows ……