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Resultado de imagen de ingress

Ingress is a online game played in Android and iOS devices. It was developed by Niantic Labs.

This is a game based in GPS (yeah, I know, you will think that it consumes so much, but my own experience is not that.). You begin by choosing between two factions: Enlightened and The Resistance. To be short, I will sum up the game:

  • Many important places (such as statues, cathedrals, parks,etc) are "portals" that you should take for your faction (Choosen in the start)
  • How can I attack enemies portals? Go to Inventary and use Dispersors XMP.
  •  How can I defend my portals? Tap on them and go to Deploy Resonator and set them. (Note: It´s better if you deploy them when you are futher to the portal, but you are on his range.)
  • Another important fact in this game is the option "Hack". You can use it in your portals and in the enemies one. Doing this, you take some resources like resonator, dispersors, xmp cube and KEYS (Later I will tell you what are it used for). Pressing a short time Hack,  you can descodificate a glyph. if you do it right, you receive more resources and more AP(Experience).
  • Here is the most important thing about the game. To help your faction, you must link portals, doing TRIANGLE shapes. Links cannot cross another link and the condition to do it is very simple. You must have the key of the futher portal and you must stay near the other one. By this, you link two portals.
  • When you do a triangle with lined portals, you make a control field.

To know more about it, you can search specific guides on the web.

Hope you liked this post, greetings.

PD: All pics were choosen from Google Images, I don´t own anyone.

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