International Bowling Association

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World Bowling (WB; known as the Fédération Internationale des Quilleurs between 1952 and April 2014[1]) is the world governing body of nine-pin and ten-pin bowling. WB was founded in 1952 in Hamburg, Germany by officials of the International Bowling Association (founded 1926)[2] to foster worldwide interest in amateur ten-pin and nine-pin bowling, as well as international friendship by encouraging world and zone tournaments and other competition between bowlers of different countries. WB has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee since 1979 as the governing body for bowling sports. Starting with five member federations in 1952, it grew to 141 in 2010.[3]

WB has member federations located in all five Olympic regions. With more than 100 million participants, 10 million competitors and 250,000 bowling lanes, it is one of the largest and best organized sports in the world.

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