Introduction to One Coin Digital Currency Part 1

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My name is Manzoor Ahmed. I am from Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab province of Pakistan. And I am going to talk about one coin digital currency. I am electrical engineer. Now I am working in Chinese company Tbea. Few months ago one of my friends introduces me about one coin digital currency. I was worry in the start but I did my research on one coin. I realize that this is the great opportunity for me. In 2009 I heard about Bitcoin did not invest him due to my thinking that Bitcoin is scam. But after few years when Bitcoin rate increase I realize that I have waste the chance. But when I research about this currency then I realize that life has given me a new chance.


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Today I am going to tell you the business opportunity in One Coin Company which is also known as One Life network. This company was started about two and half (2.5) years ago. Company started its work with 3 to 4 thousand peoples. But now that is growing fast and has 2 million members now.


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So come exactly to the point. This is the digital currency. Digital currencies are also known as crypto currencies. If a digital currency which use cryptography for security will be known as crypto currency? The first currency was Bitcoin which was launched in 2009. We can call him the pioneer of digital currency and its use block chain technology. When it came in 2009 lots of peoples and news channels were criticizing him that it will not work you can search videos on YouTube. But in very short time Bitcoin proves itself. How it proved itself:


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In the start price of one Bitcoin was 0.10$ but after couple of years its price goes to 1203 dollars its mean its cross 1000$ and now after 8 years the price of Bitcoin is nearly 1800$


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After the success of Bitcoin nearly 730 more companies comes in to the market. Many of them survive and many of them finished. One coin is also the new digital currency which came after the 7 years of Bitcoin. Here is the small example of peoples who avail chances from Bitcoin and earn. Jered Kenna earned the profit of $1,290,000 with the small invest of $258 in Bitcoin. He purchased the 5,000 coins of Bitcoins. Each coin cost him $0.20.When the rate of Bitcoin increase. His life totally changes. Another person Steve told his friend Tom’s. But Tom’s laugh on him and refused to take this opportunity. After 4 years Steve earned $8,000,000 and his friend Tom’s remain with empty hands.


The purpose of talking about these peoples is that now the Bitcoin is over. We cannot invest on him because its price is very high nearly about $1800 per coin. Now we have the chance to invest in one coin. We have an opportunity like these peoples when Bitcoin given them in 2009. Now we can invest in one coin and can the change the life of our family.


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In ancient times peoples used barter system to meet their needs. But after that paper money comes. But in these modern day’s world is realizing that the value of paper money will be over. Digital currency will takes the place of paper currency. The one reason is that we always cannot keep the huge amount of paper money in our pocket.


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Here I also want to share the thoughts of a famous man. Almost whole world know him. A Bill Gates is the person who said that the future financial transaction will be digital, universal and almost free. He has said that I am the big fan of the digital currency that’s why I have invested in it.


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He is the same person who said some years ago that all the international calls will be free in coming years. And that is happening in these days peoples use Skype, Whatsapp, messenger and we chat etc to talk with each other. This is almost happening we can see. While when we talk form our local mobile network we have to charge them.


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You can watch the interview of Bill gates stronger believer of Bit Coin.

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