Is Shampoo a Waste of Money?

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Have you ever washed your hands and wondered why that "pure" soap dried out the skin so much? While it may have removed the things you did not want on your hands, that soap also took away everything else. That includes all of the good oils and any beneficial materials.

This same dilemma occurs with a great many cleansers that we are told are so essential to looking and feeling our best. One of the worst of them all is shampoo. This is often a chemical laden compound that literally strips the human hair of anything good and beneficial. Sure, it can "clean" the strands of hair and the scalp, but it also takes away the healthy oils and the coating that our hair makes to protect itself and look healthy and shiny.

So, if shampoo is so harmful, why is it such a hot item? It has to do with misinformation. Some of the world's leading hair experts already know that many people can visit a salon and have all kinds of amazing treatments done. However, those same people who were so happy with the softness and silkiness of their hair only a few weeks earlier tend to return with hair that is frizzy, dull, and unhealthy.

The people who have dedicated time and money to tending their hair often slump into a salon chair and ask just what happened between visits. They often say they use a good shampoo and all kinds of other compounds meant to enhance the texture and looks of the hair, but all to no avail.

It is the shampoo. Actually, it is the intense list of chemicals in that shampoo.

You Don't Need Shampoo

Essentially, what it all boils down to is a very simple issue: Human hair rarely actually "needs" shampoo. We buy into this idea that something that foams up nicely on the hair, smells good, and which promises to leave it as clean as possible has to be good. However, a quick glance at the ingredients demonstrates that there is little that can actually help hair in the typical bottle of shampoo.

This is why so many consumers are turning to "cleansing conditioners". Product lines from WEN,L'Oreal, and EverPure offer these multi-treatment formulas. Essentially, they tend to clean, condition, detangle, and repair the hair and scalp with each use. They are an ideal solution for someone who does not like to "fuss" with hair care, but they are also the answer for anyone who is seeking salon fresh hair without visiting a salon every other day.

After all, why perform so many steps when doing the average hair care routine. Is it really necessary to "wash, rinse, and repeat" before doing conditioning, deep conditioning, detangling, and then coating in some sort of "leave in" treatment? Not at all. With the right combination of natural ingredients, the latest makers of cleansing conditioners are offering consumers one product that actually gives hair what it needs and leaves you looking healthier than ever.


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