Is There a Conspiracy in the “Fight of the Century”?

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After watching the fight live via satellite and reading some news stories online, I came to a conclusion that there is really something wrong with the greatest boxing bout of our generation dubbed as the “Fight of the Century.”

When something of that size got a hazy result, especially that this event had a lot of hype in all types of media, conspiracy theories begin to surface. The question on who is the true winner really keeps bogging everyone’s minds long after the fight was over.

Some say a group of people must have been playing a ploy on everyone just to earn huge sums of money. For example, Las Vegas is not only the boxing capital of the world but also the gambling capital of the world. Thus they speculate that something fishy must be going on in the background.

This video shows the full length of the “Fight of the Century.”

I raise three issues in this blog, as you can read below:

Was Pacquiao’s Injury Reported or Not?

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) maintained that the camp of Pacquaio didn’t let them know about his injury, so they keep their position that not allowing Pacquiao a shot of an anti-inflammatory injection a few minutes before the fight was just the right thing to do.

NSAC claimed that Pacquiao’s camp did not indicate in the application form any injury in his arms. However, Pacquaio said they filled out the form completely and indicated the injury clearly, although he delegated this job to his manager. It is possible that his manager is at fault on this regard, but we still need to know. For now, there is a contradictory statement surrounding this issue.

Why Didn’t Pacquiao’s Camp Ask for a Postponement?

According to Pacquiao in an interview by Dianne Castillejo of ABS-CBN, their camp made the NSAC aware of the injury three weeks before the scheduled bout, but the latter assured they would allow an injection of an anti-inflammatory drug. We know this did not happen in the real scenario. NSAC, on the other hand, negated the allegation that they made such a pledge.

The photo above shows the discrepancy in the ring side colors and the scorecard colors of the fighters. Photo credit:

Scorecard Inconsistency

The conspiracy theory surfacing online must have some truthfulness if we are to evaluate the scorecard used in the fight. As you can see in the photo above, the scores are credited to the wrong party. It is obvious that Mayweather is in the blue corner and Pacquiao is in the red corner, but the fighter with the higher score in each judge’s scoring sheet is the fighter in the red column.

Therefore, some people came to a conclusion that Pacquiao must have been denied of a win in favor of Mayweather, who had the home-court advantage. In fact, Evander Holyfield said even if the fight was poor, Pacquiao won nevertheless.

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