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We often plan out our years to come, in my 20 years of life never have i ever experienced something go exactly the way i wanted it to. Is that a bad thing? not at all. The mere beauty of life lies within the fact that it is unpredictable.

We think we know what is best for us and sometimes become ungrateful if things don't go our way, I always thought that in 5 years i will see myself come out as an established doctor with never ending lists of achievements. Well,how did that turn out? one might ask. From medicine i switched to business in a matter of days and then from studying in my country i decided to move 4000 miles away to a place i really never have heard about before. still was i afraid? was i scared of what would happen? let me just state this was the first time i ever sat on a plane and this plane was going to travel for hours on hours. so Imagine a mama's boy just holding it together going to a place he never thought he would. The mere unpredictability of life is what astonishes me you can not even be sure of another minute passing by and believing you'll be breathing when the clock ticks. However, i traveled safe and sound reached the country i was supposed to call my home for 3 years and just cried my eyes out thinking "why did i do this to myself?"

Next month marks a year since i have been here and no words can describe the life changing experience i have had, from depending on people i became totally independent  except financially (still figuring it out) i traveled to places i only wished and dreamed of, first time alone in a new world i stood looking up and absorbing all the beauty beside me. did i ever see myself in a position such as this? honestly no.

i was brought up in a rich protective family who lost their money as time went by, i have seen helicopters picking us up and i have been in rented cars. I have lived in mansions and 2 bedroom houses i have seen tables filled with food and i have experienced starvation.

we get too comfortable in a certain position this is human nature, we fear change we fear coping with that change and we fear never being the same. Growth comes with time and times change in a blink of an eye. 

7 billion people, 7 billion souls, 7 billion individual worlds. surrounded with the unpredictability of life. Another fact of life that astonishes a human mind is that so many people are on this Earth so many people looking to make life better for themselves and still billions you won't ever hear from, meet or even know exist.

I think the purpose of this was just to state that plan for your future but don't fear change cope with change and then let the life take it's natural course, for whatever you deserve you get. 

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You Live and you Learn, let the bridges burn and move forward for in life you go back you lose.

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