Islam gives us the meaning of life and tell the truth

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Religion is very important topic and it is the meaning of a life. Religion is very important for our souls.So without religion there can be no secure foundation of models.

We are believe on want only one God that's name Allah and only worship his God. And obey destruction of last messenger of god that's name Muhammad SAW and also the book of Allah that's name Holy Quran. These are all things are called the religion of Islam.

If we see the other religion they worship God. Our religion teaches about the rights of human and rights of God. We pass his whole life according to the rules of Islam and it's instructions. The Prophet Muhammad SAW preserved all life in the preaching of Islam.

Is a great person, honest, well behave and religious man. Is a perfect model of goodness. He teaches that's how we pass is life on this earth and give direction of better way. He tell us that how we get the real success that is not on this earth but you find it after the death.

He tell us that there is another life that start after our death and that life is endless. If you want to get that life we should follow the rules of Islam and passes life according to the Islam.

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