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“We Can Enhance The Beauty Of Life By Celebrating Different Occasions With All Its Traditions”.

Islam is the Religion of peace and love its creates harmony among different nations and people through its universal message or festivals. ALLAH blesses us with different Holy occasions which are not only sacred but have their own duty and importance too.

One such occasions EID which means Happiness. Islam offers us Two EIDS.



EID-UL-FITR is celebrated after the Holy month of RAMADAN “.It is the reward of fasting.” ALLAH “gives the Muslims their reward and for thanking us all celebrates it with all its cermanies and with its traditions beauty. The whole month of “RAMADAN” is passed in the preparing of this day .Not only the children but the people of every age wait for it with full excitement. New dresses are prepared houses are cleaned and different dishes are prepared to entertane the guests.

On the 29th of RAMADAN everyone does to their floors to see the “SHAWAL MOON”. If it found the people shouted with joy and break fire and crackers. The girls decorated their hands with MEHNDI and iron their cloth for EID.

The morning of EID-UL-AZAH has its own beauty. There is a great HUSTLE and BUSTLE. In the homes everyone tries to get ready as possible because they have to go to the EID GAH to offer their EID PRAYER. The scene of EID prayer is really presented the REAL MESSAGE OF ISLAM. After offering the prayer the people of different races embraced each other and show the perfect example of brotherhood. In the homes another interesting feature of EID is to get EIDI from elders and exchange dishes with each other. Thus the whole day of EID is passed with all its beauty and fun. This day lefts some beautiful memories of such precious moments.

The morning of that EID is some exciting than the EID-UL-FITAR because the children have the joy of sacrificing animals and distributing their meat. In short both EIDS are perfect sources of Pleasure, joy and beauty. After celebrating them we again start waiting for next EID.