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The biggest team judo tournament, New York Open Judo where the best judo athletes from across the world groups together and creates their unique teams will kick on March 26th and Querlo, the chatbot with a human touch will be its major sponsor.

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Judo will always have a special spot within bitLanders, why? Because its founder and President, Francesco Rulli is a Judo 4th Degree Black Belter. Ever since the beginning of bitLanders or the Filmannex, it has been sponsoring these events. This year won't be an exemption instead, it is another event which will be exciting at the same time due to the participation of Querlo.

He super loves Judo that when I opened his Facebook page, it contained 80% about Judo which is commencing on the next month. Reminding his followers to never miss this event, even promoting the participants! That is pure love and dedication right?

Here's a photo shared by Francesco Rulli:
Photo credit: Francesco Rulli via Facebook.com

Francesco Rulli has been one of the senseis of SMP are teaching a new generation of Judo young champions. This is a volunteer work of sharing and imparting the younger ones about the knowledge and values of the said sport. Currently there are 250 children coming over to the SMP to train and develop their talents.

Here's Francesco Rulli's Judo Highlights:

Video credit: Judo via bitLanders.com 

Here's a great line to why he is giving his time to teaching kids about Judo:

"The discipline, dedication and self-reliance learned during judo helps shape the student's character, supporting them in school or work and their personal life in general."

Although I am not into this kind of sport because of certain reasons, one is that I have never been exposed to these kinds of sport as a child due to resources and community set up, two I am totally coward of the thought of getting hurt. But Judo is a sport which is not just about getting the opponent down. There's more to it and while I have been reading on certain blogs and articles about Judo and the people who loves the sport, I somehow realize that it is one thing that I believed could be an option for anyone if they are given the information about it at a young age and educate about its importance.

Judo is not just for men, I learned through different blogs that there are women and even children who are into this sport because it has given them different lessons that they can also apply in their lives.

Why is Judo Important ?

There are three major reasons why Judo is important to anyone who is into this sport and even to those who are not, these are just some of the many points of why learning Judo should be taken as an option.


Photo credit: Francesco Rulli via Facebook.com


Every sport has physical importance and benefits at the same time. Judo has somehow given each of its lover the strength development that he or she needs to finish a certain set of combat rounds. Having strength doesn't only mean using it on the ring during competitions but this also is applicable in everyday situation.

Men, women and even children who are practicing this sport has clearly showed good outcomes and results out of exercising and performing the art of Judo.

In the case of minors, asthmatics and visual impairment is recognized that judo is recommended for these children because it improves their self-esteem and reduces the feeling of suffering a chronic illness. Also other sports acknowledge the importance of 'ukemi' learn how to break your fall. This type of learning from infancy allows future application in other sports like Rugby, cycling, football, riding or motorcycling, among others. The basics of Judo can prevent a lot of injuries.

Strength and conditioning is also a very important part of training, and absolutely, it encourages each participant to love lifting and other sort of muscle building. In this way, each person who is engaging in  Judo have the chance to explore their personal physical abilities.


Photo credit: Francisco Rulli via Facebook.com


In this generation, a lot of young ones, teens and certain children have been engaging in being bullied at school, experiencing self unworthiness and a lot more which have been resulting to negative events in the society such as suicide and such. It is disheartening to hear news about these events. I do believe parents should encourage their children to get into sports. Judo is one of the many sports which enables one to overcome certain challenges which are simply in the mind.

Judo is an extremely dynamic combat to learn about justice and fairness, it also teaches how to overcome fears and show courage under pressure. It also teaches one that you don't have to win every single competition but that in every experience, you'll learn to persevere and make progress.

The teachings which the senseis are passing to the younger generation becomes a great tool to develop their healthy self esteem, to be confident and know how to stand up for themselves.

In short teaches you that with the right mindset and goal oriented attitude, you can achieve anything.


Photo credit: Francisco Rulli via Facebook.com


Moral values are those that which one won't be parting when he or she grows up. When given the correct moral characters while young, one will definitely be guided properly in living his or her life. While it is the parent's number one responsibility to instill good moral to their children, there are also other means of learning these things. One of which Judo sport can provide as well.

Learning Judo is also another way of learning about politeness, modesty and other values that contributes to self's personal development. At young age, every judo practitioner is taught to respect his or her peers and the dojo or the place where the judo is practiced. He is also taught on perseverance and how to deal with adversity, that no matter how many times he fell or how hard he got knocked down, he must stand up and keep going. And most importantly, it is being taught not to judge or underestimate someone.

Beyond the physical power and athleticism, it has a great impact to a person's ability to control emotions and impulses.

Photo credit : New York Open via Facebook.com

Winning is WAY more fun, but losing teaches you valuable lessons about who you really are as a person. It tests your limits, mentally and emotionally. Judo does not only become a hobby or a sport it becomes a way of life.

New York Judo Open 2010 Highlights. Video credits: Judo via bitLanders.com

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