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A High Tech, Eco Friendly home in Mexico


The Mexican Riviera has it all: beaches of fine soft sand, historical ruins from the ancient Mayan civilization, wild tropical adventures on land and on sea, charming shops and fine dining. And there’s only one house that grants easy access to all of this at once, without sacrificing privacy and peace: the Kite House in Playa del Carmen.

Manuel Agus has years of experience building luxurious lodgings in and around Playa del Carmen.  When he set out to build a new home in Playacar, an exclusive development on the largest and most popular bay of the Yucutan Peninsula, he knew he wanted to do something special, something different.

riviera-maya-kite-house-23_WPThe problem with building along public beaches is that homes end up being terribly… public. Virtually anyone can gawk into a beach home and see as much as they like, without breaking any trespassing laws. Manuel explains, “Either you keep the house closed or you keep it open and accept the privacy issues.” Visitors feel exposed and vulnerable, and the proximity of strangers can make anyone feel self-conscious.

Manuel set out to change all of that with the Kite House. It is set back from the beach by just a two-minute walk along a gently ascending path, and that small adjustment in location makes all the difference. The location of the home is instrumental in keeping the private lives of guests away from prying eyes.

Setting the house 200 feet back from the beach also allowed Manuel to build on multiple levels. “Homes built on the beach can’t go higher than ground floor,” Manuel explains. “Our house is on a higher point, so it is protected and secluded.” The two floors rise clockwise over gradual steps throughout the house in an original design created by Manuel himself. There are multiple levels of luxury, with four master suites, and all of them enjoy a unique view.

Manuel wanted the 4 suites in to take full advantage of their singular settings. Each suite features a king-sized bed and en suite bath. Everything is light and airy, with high ceilings and a spacious floor plan. Nearly every room opens directly to the natural landscape at the Kite House, so the temperate climate and sunshine can be enjoyed from almost anywhere in the house. Blackout curtains descend at the push of a button in the bedrooms to ensure maximum privacy (or just a lovely late lie-in).

The Mar Room is named for its view of the stunning Caribbean Sea. It enjoys its own private terrace, perched along the ridge. Sit with a margarita and enjoy the breeze, or take a few steps to access the infinity pool. The pool is chemical-free, heated, and lit with colorful lights. It also has a “water-treadmill” to create a constant stream for those wishing to keep up their fitness regime. The 9-person jacuzzi just a few steps away from the pool is the perfect place to relax after a day of exploring. All of this is in view of the beautiful white sand beaches and the sparkling blue Caribbean.

riviera-maya-kite-house-22_WPRuina Room faces the landscape behind the house, but it has the most fascinating views, for in that landscape lie preserved ruins from the ancient Mayan civilization. A beautiful jungle park surrounding the ruins is directly accessible from the terrace, should you care to stroll the grounds and soak up their mystical energy. The ruins are especially enjoyable at night, when they are beautifully lit.  Another second private terrace adjoins the Ruina room, offering a small jacuzzi and seating area.

The Jungla Room also enjoys a private terrace and jacuzzi, screened by a living bamboo fence. This room integrates seamlessly with the beautiful jungle beyond, surrounded lush tropical plantings. Nature lovers will especially appreciate the feeling of living in the wild – without sacrificing all the modern conveniences of home. This room is also the most secluded and romantic.

The Loft Room is the largest and most versatile of the suites. It can be converted from a bedroom to a home theater room, a gym, or a games room. It has a large screen for projecting movies, which can be viewed from the ground floor or the loft itself. When not in use as a media room, the Loft Room easily accommodates two adults, or four teenagers.

riviera-maya-kite-house-01_WPThe entire house is equipped with Smart Home technology, making it possible for you to control every setting in the house by touch screens and keypads. Everything from lighting, black-out blinds, and air conditioning to security can be wirelessly adjusted at screens located in every room and area of the house. With SmartHome technology, Manuel can monitor the Kite House’s security and management online, even from his home in Australia.

The kitchen contains state-of-the art appliances, though chef services are provided daily over an 8-hour shift for breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, if you don’t wish to cook for yourself. Other staff on site include a manager and daily housekeeping services. For an extra fee, visitors can have the villa stocked with any necessity, from food in the cooler to gear for activities and excursions. Manuel’s goal is to see that every need is anticipated, and every comfort available, so everything is just perfect.

Both the dining and living areas look over the infinity pool and beyond toward the Caribbean. A two minute walk takes you to the uncrowded beach where there are plenty of opportunities to sunbathe.  Other daytime activities nearby include scuba diving, canoeing, biking, boating, sea kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, fishing and golf. Excursion opportunities include visiting the ruins, hiking through the jungle or snorkeling in Playa del Carmen’s cenotes.

06---riviera-maya-kite-house-06And there is plenty to do in town as well. In a less than fifteen-minute walk, you will find yourself in the heart of the Riviera Maya: the world famous 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen. Here there are plenty of opportunities to try authentic food, pick up some gifts in the many shops, and experience local entertainment. If you need to escape the high energy of the Avenue, visit the Guelaguetza Gallery for a quiet stroll and see some high-quality, authentic Mexican art and pottery.

Whatever you imagine the ideal beach house to be, the Kite House exceeds every expectation. He finds that though it has easy access to some of the most thrilling, mysterious, and significant activities of the Mexican Riviera, most guests prefer to spend nearly all of their time at home, enjoying a real getaway in luxury and convenience. The house is a rare combination of relaxation and excitement, enjoyed in an atmosphere of high technology and raw, ancient wisdom, and none of that is lost on those who visit.  As a recent visitor said, “It’s like nothing else you can find in Mexico.”

Nestled among single family villas and on one of the most beautiful, uncrowded beaches in Playa del Carmen, Manuel has designed Kite House to be the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Maya Riviera.


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