Ladies After Tequila

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Jackie’s keys slipped out of her fingers while she giggled and braced her hand on the trim around the doorway.

Kate, a whimsical brunette, laughed and spanked Jackie on the ass while she was bent over to retrieve her keys. “Spank that sexy lesbian ass!” She glanced over at Jade but the motion put her off balance and she teetered back and forth.

Jade laughed at her two ridiculously drunk friends and put her finger up to her lips while stumbling forward. “Ssshhh. You guys, we definitely don’t want to wake up Jackie’s neighbor.”

Jackie finally picked up her keys and was pushed inside her apartment by two giggling and off-balance friends. She leaned against the wall to take her shoes off and said, “You two should stay here a bit until you’re more sober. I’ll,” she hiccoughed, “I’ll make popcorn.”

Jackie fumbled in the cupboard for the popcorn while her friends dumped their shoes and purses on the floor. Kate and Jade plopped onto the bar stools on the other side of the kitchen pass through.

Jade slapped her hand on the counter, tossed her blond hair behind her, and winked a smoky, blue eye at Jackie. “Bartender, a drink, please!”

Kate groaned and yanked off her top. “No! I get so hot when I drink. I can’t have anymore.”

Jackie eyed Kate’s mounded breasts in her pink bra and bit her lip. Her perfect double-Ds were almost too much for her bra to handle and Jackie itched to release them.

The first pops from the microwave were barely heard as Jade ogled Kate’s breasts and said, “Kate, for chrissakes! I don’t think you’re even buying the right bra size. They’re not supposed to spill out like that. What size are you?”

Jackie smirked, “If you take your bra off, I can measure you with my hands and tell you what bra size you need.”

Kate’s full, pink-glossed lips smiled wide and she nodded. “Okay!” She slid one finger underneath her bra strap and pulled it down her arm, then slid off the other side. She paused for a moment and bounced her breasts in her bra, giggling. “They are kind of bouncy and fun! Look at this!” They jiggled out of the top of her bra until she slid her bra down her waist and unhooked it, tossing it onto the floor. read more


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