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The walled city, known for its beautiful Mughal architecture and cultural richness is the cultural heart of Pakistan. The old Lahore has the beautiful Badshahi mosque, the Lahore fort and the Gurdawara. The city was established in the second century, it has passed through  the HinduMughal and PersianAfghanSikh and British rule.

The city therefore, has a mix of architecture with the magnificent red brick buildings like post office, white-pillared government building and beautiful mosques. The walled city is a hub of shops and eateries, all crammed near the gates-which have been built long time ago.














The beauty of Lahore is its cultural values and lively nature of its people. Lahore is the second largest metropolitan city of Pakistan also known as the capital of Punjab. Lahore is one of the prosperous cities of Pakistan with amazing traditional architecture, developed infrastructure, and the variety and rich tasted food attracts tourists to Lahore. There is a famous pronoun,

A person who hasn’t seen Lahore isn’t born yet.”

This signifies beautify of the city.

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