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Nowadays the main problem by every person is how to have a proper care of laptop. He wants to have a laptop. At earlier the desktop computers were popular and the technology was not much advanced. But nowadays the technology is much more faster so that no problem arise in making different tasks and the given task is completed in the desired time. So that none of the time is wasted due to the slow responding of the processor or the slow computation of the number of calculations done by the processor. So the main thing is the processor in the computer’s central processing unit. That is used for the calculations of the many things and many processes.

The another main thing in the computer’s good performance is that the RAM (Random Access Memory) and this the memory attached with the processor. And this ram so called random access memory of the computer and this memory is used for the temporary storage of data and that temporary storage is the memory used at different time. This is the memory when the computer is turned off or switched off then all the data in this memory will be erased and that data which is erased will not be retrieved back at any cost. So this temporary memory is very important. When we play games then the scores and the other aspects in that game are temporarily stored in that random access memory.

The quality of the computer and that of the laptop may be, depend mainly on the ram and the processor. And that processor carries a million of calculations per second and that is much faster and reliable.

Another thing that is the cause of the computer’s performance is the cache memory and that cache memory is responsible for the computer’s best performance and the cost of the laptop or computer or device.

The cache memory is the main thing in a computer’s or laptop’s cost making. As there is a corei7 and another is also a corei7 so the both computers and laptops having different prices. One will have high price and other will have low price. So these conflict between the prices come only due to the cause of cache memory one will have high cache memory and other will have low cache memory. And the cache memory is very much expensive even a little amount of it is of very much high cost such that is goes up to the millions and billions of the dollars on the small amount of cache memory. So the performance and the cost both depends upon the cache memory of the laptop or your computer.

To extend the life of the laptop or computer it should be handled with care and it needs some care but not too much that you get addicted to its care and just have been worried about it. In the care of laptop there comes the total care from outside and then inside.

The outer care includes the cleaning of the outer side like screen of the laptop or your computer. Another thing comes the total maintenance like cleaning of the keyboard and that is also cleaned by the brush given with the accessories. And the other thing comes is the cleaning of the mouse pad which is also cleaned by using the given liquid and the brush.


Then comes the inner maintenance of the laptop. The inner maintenance includes the internal part like motherboard etc. and that is also cleaned by using the blower which blows the air onto the surface of the mother board or the internal parts of the motherboard and the laptop or your computer.


The another question arise that how to enhance the life of the battery of our laptop??? The answer is simple that we should know about the perfect rating of our battery. Use only that specific charger so that the over voltage is not given to the battery and that should not be swelled by the over voltages given by the wrong charger. So you should use only the specified charger to use it.

The another thing is that we keep our charger attached with our laptop and we think that it is good for our battery but in fact we are ruining our own battery life. The battery life is enhanced by the perfect charging and discharging and that is only done by the perfect charging time. We should attach the charger only when or battery is fully discharged and so that the laptop is going to be hibernate. And when the battery is full we should disconnect the charger.

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