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The South, where the birds find the escape the cold northern sky comprehend the human liver to resist the pouring rain. Perhaps rain is the most common pronoun here this time. Every reason, every encounter and perhaps even begin separation from it. City bleak unprecedented rains and safe havens for humans is small house warm and peaceful.




Now, in the east of the city, a black shadow on the wall in the cold, in contrast to the glow of the neon lights heating his room. Xiaoming alone ta corner sitting quietly, the Secret Garden unfinished humming on computer speakers. He sat there he could have a few hours.The ball barely moved during that time.




Still raining, a beaming face in old postcards on the table. In such postcards, and among the Japanese youth suddenly appeared a completely different person, a different beauty, laughter, her dress and her pretty face from a different culture. He did not remember to look at the photo and how long it took, but he still remembers the last message that fateful day. None of her friends and especially you can forget ...




10pm Vietnam time, his phone rang several times, while he struggled with torrential rain poured down city 1000th, he rushed into the house, the remaining small raindrops on the floor , clinging to the door handle, stretching through the hair down to the cold. Heart still pounding the war with episodes of low voltage, line loomed up message on the screen was accidentally raindrops blurring: "I'm going back to Vietnam, doctors say they are sick very heavy. I'm afraid, why are you. Why did God choose me. I can not, I've cried a lot. I really miss him. "




Outside, the wind was screaming bouts, cold hiss like the roar of a monster easily makes it creepy. The shadow on the wall began to move. Surf through the autumn landscape painting hanging on the wall. Mi gold leaves on a rainy night. The ball moves near the window.Outside light and dark spots on white of mixed rain. City of loner Xiaoming became as inept and lifeless.




However, there is one very like rain. Only new rain makes her feel peaceful and sheltered. And in this world, and she is the only person capable of returning peace to the other loner.



Two years ago




While Xiaoming pile is fully dedicated to raise children in a charity event that he organized, where they suddenly have a voice interrupted the daughter of his focus. The voice that begins with two words curtly: "Hi".




Xiaoming do not understand what. He turned to bewildered to find out who is proud that almost anyone can say is immediately sweet face and charming eyes of the arrogant man that made him reel bureaucracy. Xiaoming and almost screamed when Ha Vi knows that - so long sneakers quietly on behalf of her organization's support for his program. To this day, she was completely exposed. And of course she will have to face thousands of relentless questioning Xiaoming how to respond to his mysterious actions.




Ha Vi not only possesses a delicate face, but her weapons of mass destruction as the main voice. The future voice of a man born and raised in the capital, but with a little sunshine to the south after years of living here becomes mesmerizing. The charm of it is like her voice broadcaster morning music program on the radio, can be dragged away to the tune it every time she spoke. Today, the main weapon that defeats Xiaoming. Divine love today probably do the task with a light sword god. Therefore new pouring more time a person in love.




Before that though not an encounter, but Xiao Ming know her quite well. They know each other through a friend, who brought the program information to the Ha Vi Xiaoming. That friend also do not forget to set aside a day to introduce to Xiaoming Ha Vi. Thus he knew that life was not fair sometimes with Ha Vi, pure eyes that had drenched days ...




Ha Vi was born and raised in the Capital, the day she was 7 years old her parents gone forever in an accident leaving Ha Vi was too naive to comprehend the pain is too great in life, immature child He was lucky to escape the accident to have been sent into the classroom. But the tears that day will last forever according to her deep loneliness for the rest of their lives. Shortly after the funeral of a parent, a distant cousin adopted Ha Vi, they called her son, and loving little Ha Vi that day than their offspring. Her adoptive father did not want her daughter to touch the past, she was sent to Japan immediately in most universities. To Ha Vi will never have to look back on past losses.




Glorious country where people have known for cherry blossoms and samurai legendary Ha Vi took 3 years of hard on books and projects.Ha Vi increasingly become more beautiful, charming, and cover more concepts. But each passing day the sun exotic is more a nostalgia-laden days, she could not continue any relationship. She was returning home after receiving good results now. Leaving her 3-year roommate cried for a night because she kept at it.




Ha Vi on water, turning a new page of life to join the foreign affairs international fashions, she also plays the role of advice and support for a large number of humanitarian organizations. That brought her to meet Xiaoming. Before they met, in the minds of the State House Vi Ming is a model who attracted women, a friendly and nice guys all the time even unnecessary, and is the property a face manly. Ha Vi main heatstroke was also in that first meeting.




Only when she realized he was holding his hand on the way to a large lake surrounded by willow charm located in the city center she realized her true love was always knocked from. They were holding hands like that come out from the side streets, passing row record store plastered with posters new music. Across stalls displaying colorful food, 1h, 2h and an afternoon two people had come together like that. Both she and I were not talking to each other remember what things. Path leafy autumn afternoon. During those days she and I got together to go through so many happy shores. Love of Ha Vi and Xiaoming went to all the new blogs Ha Vi.




".. You know that I love the rain,




because of rain nobody knows that I'm crying ...




There have been times I thought loneliness would follow me on endless ...




But he did bring sunshine to your side ...




Covered my soul, my heart is filled with happiness ...




By this time I was just thinking about you ... "




On coming months .. years ... one year anniversary love,




Again a depressions overflow attack on the city. Sugar pouring rain. Immense flooding everywhere. Many roadside trees did not bear out the principal wind astride the road. On the radio they were sending warnings of dangerous and restricted all types of vehicles involved in road traffic. Her voice radio emotional and anxious when reading notified hazards. However, Xiao Ming does not seem to notice any such notice. He is working on a road car VUT soaring. I never saw sad like that. Perhaps he did not understand that what they are doing now. All the way home, he could only ask yourself why. He could not understand the decision of the House of Vi. Maybe forever will never understand. There his responsibilities also can not do anything more at this time. With tears and her love for him Ha Vi convince him to leave Vietnam with her ​​but he did not agree because he has never ready for it ...




Last postcard




Ha Vi Day brought to the airport, clutching her hand Xiaoming going to take the ticket at the door. They looked at each other for a long time, she rushed to hug him, he avoided a suffocating hug every time. His path of endless days. He thought that all the doors are almost closed because without her.




Days later, the House Vi no more contact with him, because each time she did not stop nostalgia, do not stop the tears. She did not want to stay more, maybe someday traumatic past are returning to the days gradually nibbled back. She went back out, can not seem to face it more again. And she wishes he would go with her. Ha Vi still regularly send postcards capture the places she went through, all very nice, very bright. Behind every plate she will not forget all the words "forever love ..." - accompanied by her address, date and time of writing. She also regularly reminding him to persevere with foreign language classes. Then he will soon to reunite with her. All that awaited her just that.




Xiao Ming was in a photograph taken with the Ha Vi to friends on his desk so he can see her closer. He also regularly send e-mail to her, unless too busy because of work.




Until one day, Xiao Ming received a post card picture of Ha Vi, broken finally she sent him. In her place stood, surrounded by snowy, that smile still on her lips, but she was quite thin compared to before. Behind Ha Vi photo threads:




"I'm going to relocate new, I'll go to work for another company, my life now has too many changes Xiaoming ah, stable when they will get back to you".




Many months have passed since her last picture, Xiaoming his torment in waiting and thousands of questions. All of the email he sent had no answer. Ha Vi is now located? Only the portraits on the wall looking at him without an answer. He returned to the correct meaning of a loner. Where the loner is lost ... forever.




Ha Vi Quote diary before leaving Vietnam:




"Xiaoming of you, this letter will never come his hands, and that's why I have to go I will never know, you can not, you never want to do misery. I can not beg you to understand and forgive me. Today, I've never seen her so desperately, just morning my world is all his. Then I have to go now. He'll never believe what his doctors told me, the children too. Cancer huh? Though he comforted me that my patients can be treated abroad, I could not believe it. But why are you? I can not, I will have to go ... "




For a while Ha Vi thought I was going to leave the world, 3 months in the foreign country she no longer send letters and photos to you. It was only when I could no longer see even more strained, she did something that she would never forgive myself. That is the message for you ....




It is a day when it rains everywhere Xiaoming receive messages Ha Vi.




That night, in a dream he saw his lover was crying. He found her in the day to the bright yellow sun and Ha Vi is not alone anymore. God brought her back to his side. In here, right where migratory birds found on the refuge, where happiness is parked under the porch roof of the two lovers.


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