Let's increase our Mental strength

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Here are the list that we can do to improve our knowledge, the way we think and mental strength..

1. Let out your feelings: When your feelings are emptied out and listened to by someone else it helps increasing mental strength a lot.
By sharing your feelings into words may help greatly to get fresh outlook in the happenings.

2. Make yourself active: Exercise will always gives a better feeling immediately, the reason for this would be , &exercise uplifts the chemicals into our body.

3. Balanced diet: to maintain uphold a good mental health a better balanced diet is needed.

4. Good sleep: Eight hours sleep is most wanted, this would be help more in improving mental health.

5. Drink better : Alcohol, a depressant drug. A proper refreshed sleep is prevented by alcohol, when a small amount of alcohol is used before bed.

6. Have loved ones and friend around you: Feelings and happiness are improved with your loved ones and friends around you.Sharing with them,,going out or have some fun.


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