Let's Learn Japanese Part II

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Good day guys! I'm sorry if I wasn't able to give lesson last week, I was a bit busy at work. Anyhow, I will be giving you lesson again today. I planned to make a video instead of blog, but I left the video in my laptop, unfortunately I am using desktop now. So I'll try to upload the video soon. 

Let's get started with introducing oneself! Let me tell you the Japanese translation of the following phrases:

1. What is your name? - Onamae wa nandesuka? ( namae means name, o is usually added before a noun when it's at the beginning of the sentence, wa means is, was, are, and nan- is nani or what, i is usually omitted. ka indicates a question and desu is added to make it polite. )

2. My name is ______. -Watashi no namae wa Lee desu. ( Watashi wa means I, watashi no means my, mine. namae wa -name is. Lee- my name. desu make it polite.)

2. I am _____. - Watashi wa Lee desu. ( Watashi wa means I am in this case.)

Any question guys? Write it in the comment box. Have a great day!

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