letter from a teacher

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Loving heart of Jesus:

It has a look to all those who do not know you and to the work of the missionaries, who, for love, have left their home and decide to serve lovingly, it is special for Angeles, which has proved its humble willingness to perform this task so important for everyone.

Bless your work and grant me the grace to share the bread of the divine word among the beggars of Truth.

Make him feel that you are with her in her work and worry, and give grace to preserve until the end this work for which you called: Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the sake of your own glory, protects their efforts as a missionary. Amen.

Angeles thanks for this important task in which you say YES because many people need to hear from your mouth what God wants to tell.

May God bless you abundantly. Amen
Atte .: Teacher. Laura López Romero.