Levis , Cambridge Brands in Pakistan

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I am really a normal person like you, but there may some difference. Whenever I go to some shopping malls like metro, and some other clothing shops like levis, denine and Cambridge, I first choose the items of my interest and never rely on some other person in shopping because I am only person who better knew about myself So it will be funny .... lolz , I never prefer others choice while shopping because I knew my own taste better.

Twice in month I go for shopping to nearby Metro Mall Islamabad, Pakistan. I see things a very different way its reliability, life span, cost , taste , color, and many other things which are important in my view.

When I choose some items like you can say , I choose a T-shirt. What are the important things of my interest that why I choose this specific T-shirt from Metro Mall are the above things which I discussed in previous paragraph.

You know whenever you want to buy something from anywhere you first should think about the requirements you want because if you compromise with your requirements for currently bases you will accept that item but after some days you will definitely hate that one, that is what I noticed often happened to an individual after couple of weeks.

In Pakistan many of the people due to low budget compromise with their requirement but that is quite worse habit because those items will never see the world outside the cupboard lolzz.. 

Hence I prefer to never compromise with your choices.



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