Lice Infested Head

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Children loves to play outside and they ignore the heat of the sun or the rain as long as they are enjoying their game. Now it is given that staying out too much under the sun causes a lot of issues, one of the problems with that is the fact that it may cause lice to also stay in their hairs, as per what parents usually say, if a child stays out a lot, he or she also have the tendency of getting lots of lice.

Now I admit I had the same problem when I was a child. My mom would always tell me that those lice will fly and soon bring me up and keep me on a tree and I won’t be able to go down at all. So that made me become afraid of getting a lot of lice, eventually it disappeared when I reached a certain age and it never come back anymore.

But I was really shocked with the video I watched last night with this girl having a lice-infested head. I couldn’t imagine that these lice had already made nest in her head. I can’t describe it further so you may check it yourself.

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