LIES MY TEACHER Author: Luis Gonzalez de Alba

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This book is written by the author Luis González de Alba, is a Mexican writer, journalist and science writer, has published novels, short stories, essays, poetry and articles in newspapers and magazines, one of his books was: The lies of my teachers where it is playing in stages the history of Mexico since the arrival of the Spaniards to the contemporary era of a really fun and humorous way that the book was not tedious for those who read and along the reading will reveal those myths or utopias of what we were taught from primary and led us to believe "be our history." The book lies my teachers began as an essay that the author published in Nexos and later as a complement to other texts and drawings of the Gis and Falcon cartoonists. They have given meaning to the terrible events and even cowards of our future. The complaint perpetuating these lies by those who are supposed construction should stimulate rather than hinder future with tales of the past. We are beginning to bear the sight of the reality of past events, which are nothing more than a long series of glorious defeats and a long list of defeated heroes.

Mexico's history is full of ups and downs and because there with wins, usually in school or good in some schools, we pose a story about past events, more than anything like a series of stories out of a movie fantasy or fiction in it we have a hero who makes a trip to face the "evil" of history so great epic battles to save the world from possible destruction and everyone is very grateful to him and that Hero has made a big difference and being a role model but it is not.
In school we are taught a story of good against evil, such as: Moctezuma, Miguel Hidalgo, Jose Maria Morelos (not absolutely accomplished nothing), Benito Juarez (which was good president because of being indigenous, Emiliano Zapata, Francisco Villa (which admittedly liked the chaos), these are the characters that we call them heroes in the history of Mexico, but then we have the "evil" seeking to harm are: Hernán Cortés, Antonio Lopez Santa Anna (sold Mexico and is hated by that, also lost a leg fighting the enemy and managed to retake the city of Mexico), Maximilian of Hapsburg, Plutarco Elias Calles, the traitor to the fatherland Malinche (although no country ) in this book analyzes and through him we can realize that this is not true what many books tell us or what the school says of history, we must accept that all important figures in the history of Mexico had to Like all of us, right and wrong, not who the executioners and martyrs in history.
In this book, whose title goes well with this situation makes us see things better and realize that we have see so truths or lies only half-truths, it may disappoint some way in our history since as " Mexican "We should know exactly what has happened in our history, it can not be possible that other people know more about it or worse we do not want to tell the truth.

I think I liked this book I discovered things that I did not imagine I discovered some truths and had made that struck me, the book actually is nothing boring apart from that came with illustrations on how you narrates the author is very different and makes not stop reading. I like discovering the lies of my teachers.