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The most followed personality of Pakistan nowadays is only one named Imran Khan. Imran Khan is the backbone of headlines. He is in light from past year but last few months were his show time. For all those people who are unfamiliar with this name, let me introduce first. 



Who is Imran Khan?

Imran Khan is the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan. He is the chairman of the most influential political party of Pakistan. He is the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Recently, he took oath as the prime minister of Pakistan on 18th August 2018. Besides that he is the former cricketer, he played cricket for almost 22 years. He is a social worker and writer also. This introduction is just a statement, but the journey of Imran Khan is a milestone. The way he carried himself in all these years was not that easy. Let’s have a look on the journey of Imran Khan.



Early Life Of Imran Khan

Imran Khan was born on 5th October 1952. He belongs to Lahore. His father was a civil engineer, and he sent Imran Khan to England for higher studies.



Cricket carrierImran Khan

He started playing cricket at an early age of 13. He was passionate about cricket. Therefore, he began his career in cricket in 1971. Somehow he failed in his debut test because his performance in cricket was not remarkable. However, he keeps practicing cricket to improve his abilities.

In 1974 he returned to Pakistan and joined the national team. He worked hard and learned new techniques. His efforts worked well, and he became the splendid fast bowler of Pakistan during the 1980s. Imran Khan became the remarkable cricketer worldwide. In 1982 he became the captain of Pakistan national cricket team. He proved himself and his team worldwide. In 1992, Imran Khan led Pakistan to cricket world cup. He was the showman of 1992 world cup.



He became the hero of Pakistan after defeating England in finals. 1992 world cup changes the history of Pakistan cricket internationally.
He got retirement from cricket in 1992 with 3807 runs and 362 wickets in test. He is still known for his incredible efforts in the world of cricket.

Social works of Imran Khan

His mother Shaukat Khanam died of cancer and this change the life of Imran Khan. He was sore to lose his mother. Imran feels helpless because he wasn't able to do anything for his mother. There was no cancer hospital in Pakistan at that time. In the memory of his mother, he established a cancer hospital named Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in the memory of his mother. His vision was to save all the people who are suffering from cancer. He raised funds and collect money to build the most significant cancer hospital in Pakistan. He got succeed in his goals, and now this hospital is known worldwide.



Political career Of Imran Khan

After this, Imran Khan stepped in into politics in 1997 by establishing a political party Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI), whose purpose was to eradicate corruption from Pakistan. No one was ready to join his party; he started the journey of politics alone. No one took the vision of Imran khan seriously. All the leaders of that time never helped Imran to improve the condition of Pakistan.



The first time he took part in election 2002 and became the Member of parliament from Mianwali. However, his party was still under the board. He tried to revolutionize the history of Pakistan but he was alone, and the government did not pay heed.

Struggle Of Imran Khan

He raises voice against the corrupt political leaders, but they defeated Imran Khan at every step. Imran khan organizes procession all over the country to educate youth about the corrupt leadership. He taught the common man about how the leaders are stealing their money. He continued his movement because he wants justice for the peoples of Pakistan. The youngster helped Imran Khan at every step, every girl and boy take part in his protest against corruption to clean Pakistan.

The leaders of Pakistan tries a lot to resist Imran, but he never stops. Imran khan suffers a lot, but he never gives up. He protests 126 days against the Prime minister of Pakistan. He ends up by sending the corrupt prime minister into the cell.


2018 Elections

2018 elections were much crucial for Imran Khan because this was the last option for Imran Khan to build his government. He promised the youth of Pakistan that he would change this country into a peaceful nation. The youth of Pakistan trusted him and elected him as the prime minister of Pakistan in 2018 elections. First time in the history of Pakistan a cricketer becomes the prime minister.

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Success Of Imran Khan

This was the journey of Imran Khan. He suffered a lot. He works hard for almost 22 years but never gives up. He was determinant throughout his journey. He proved the world that if you have a strong desire for something that you can achieve it. His way was full of hardships; no one believes him when he first established his party. Today, all those great leaders who opposed him are standing with him.






He is now 65 years old, and the people of Pakistan are expecting a lot from him. We hope that Imran Khan works for the betterment of Pakistan. The opponents are not supporting Imran Khan till now, but I hope that he can change the system of Pakistan.



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