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Life, a four letter word, that starts with a cry, and that ends over a cry! That take you to the heights, and that take you to the lows. Life is a very interesting phenomenon. Life is not a life, it’s not about 60-70 average years spent in this world. It’s about how many people you make happy, and how many smiles you spread. Life is all about the sharing. The more you share the more you will live! Death is not just death of the physical body. It’s about when you die from the hearts, when you haven’t left this world actually. Some of us live even when they don’t live physically, even when they have left this world! And some of us are dead, even when they are alive! Life is about power of making others happy and satisfied with your own life. Life is about giving more and taking less. The more you give the more you will live!

Life is a race. Life has many colors. One must live their life happily. Life gives you chances to explore yourself. It’s one and only one chance and we must avail it. We must live that like a man. Purpose of life should be clear. What you want to do and what you want to achieve, your goals, your aim, one must keep it in mind. Life is not about materialistic happiness. You should cater about your soul. Instead of trying to achieve physical beauty we should try to achieve our inner beauty. One love in a life is necessary. Life will never give you a second chance. Life is very beautiful. Those who make other happy and are trying to spread happiness living a life worth living. We should always to spread happiness to all those people around us. 

Life is a song of love and one must live it happily. 


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