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The local Bitcoin Meetup Group got together on July 24th for ‘something more formal’. Taking over the floor of the soon to be launched Alpha Beta Tech-Hub building on the edge of the city. The idea of the new quarterly @bitcoinfocus event is to cover relevant ground that is informative to both newcomers to the Bitcoin space and the current project developers. The event also provided the usual fantastic networking opportunities. Many thanks to ‏ @coindesk, for providing cold  beer and hot pizza. I overheard many  people  mentioning during the night is their leading source for digital currency news. The crowd, very multicultural, from hippy to city. Standing by the camera I could count many people taking long notes during all three presentations.

To kick things off, and for newcomers to the Bitcoin space, Darragh Browne presented the fundamental workings of the Bitcoin protocol, before moving on to the less obvious features and
potential use cases that have the power to take it way beyond being the speculative fad that the mainstream media would have us believe it to be. The presentation was followed by an interesting Q&A.

Bitcoin Bootcamp:
Presented by Darragh Browne of Bitcoin Start-up @Blockspin

The second presentation of the @bitcoinfocus event was by Adam Vaziri, from the e-payment compliance advisory @NeopayLtd. Adam discussed challenges that have already been faced by new entrants to the e-money space in the UK in recent years. Adam also shared some insight into the barriers Bitcoin start-ups will need to overcome, if they are to form viable relationships with regulators and banks. Adam explained: classification as currency, e-money challenges, regulating opportunities, the race of regulation and an ended with an articulate conclusion. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session. For more information, contact Scott Dawson, Relationship Manager at Neopay.

The third presentation of the @bitcoinfocus event was: The Bigger Picture, by @javiermarti , founder, Bitcoin Global Investment. Javier shared his opinions on how governments and financial institutions will approach the rise of a crypto-currency world and, whether they choose to fight it or ultimately embrace it.
Javier mentions indebted governments, insolvent banks, rising global unemployment and a brief explanation to why economies are collapsing while the shareholders collect the proceeds. Javier gave his explanation to why he believes that Bitcoin will always stay in demand, and his main argument is that Bitcoin needs to get better PR in order to boost its acceptance.


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