Love Is Real

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I believe in true love as i watch my mom stay still and live her life even after my dad passed away

Not even a second her faith is shaken

She's even still having the same character like back in those days when father still live



Because here's a thing

A True love doesn't make you being motivated to get close with god, you guys are together get closer with God

It also doesn't change you to be better man, it is you and God who change yourself to be better

A true love doesn't complete you and cover your weakness. it is God who complete you

A true love is not your bandage to heal your wound in the past, it is you who have o heal it by yourself and by God

True love would never jealous of each other, (jealous is not always the proof of love) because they know they are loving each other in the name of God, if one is naughty or cheat, the other only have to ask God to remind it ( in easy or hard way )



True love doesn't depend on each other

You can only depend on God

Because, if you depend on you lover of everything, how you supposed to live if they gone?

Would yo stay the same when the goodness of your lover, gone?



True love is the one who share same vision as you same destination as you

And you become one as partner to do the right things from God

True love doesn't ignore your weakness in the name of love

Instead, the face it together and solve it together



But first of all, your true love is God

Then someday God will send you the right person to walk with you



But how if you dont believe in God?

Well, idk tho

Then be happy enjoying the love life with tiredness of searching, tiredness of angry, jealous, pain and sorrow



Ahh, im not talking bullshit

Because that was all happening to me

And Now Im Tired..






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