Lower Your Expectation. Excuse me, What?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lower Your Expectation. Excuse me, What?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lots of people tell me to lower my expectation so that I can live happy and survive this harsh world. When I hear this phrase I go crazy. How lowering my expectation is the only way I could live happy, in my prospective it is an easy way to death not into happy life. How someone would survive in that harsh world with low expectation, that harsh world need higher and higher expectation to be able to be happy. Cause to coop with all that going around us, we have to set a very high goal and try to reach it. And if this goal crushed down we should set a higher one, and if this one also crushed down we will keep trying till we achieve our new goals. I am sure that we will achieve our goals if we followed this way of thinking. I believe that people who tell u to lower your expectation are bunch of failures. They like to follow the routine, they don’t want to take any risk, they are just living. Yes they may have more money than other people but since when money buy happiness. In my opinion those don’t add any value to this world and they spread negative energy everywhere they go. So be smart and don’t care about what they say and keep dreaming. One day you will reach the sky and they will be playing in your backyard. 

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Mariam is a clinical pharmacist, she was born on 23rd of October 1987 in Egypt.she was graduated from faculty of pharmacy,Cairo University,Egypt year 2009,and she love writing

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