"Lull" A short film, finally on the way!

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A long time ago, back last year, I mentioned a short film I was producing, "lull"! Its been a little while coming, but it's finally finished with the sound design and grading...! Horah!

The directors, Harry and Gavin are going to try and send it around the festival circuit, so for now all I can upload is a little trailor sneak peak, but it shouldn't be too long before I can get it out to you :)

For now, here's a few stills (ungraded) for you to take a look at. Shot on 16mm film :)

We shot it in one day, and used a completely empty house that was up for sale, and decorated the whole bedroom to use, so it looked like a teenage boys bedroom. Including painting it, bringing in props and furniture, and then redecorating it back to blank white again! Due to this, and hire of kit, developing film and some time spent in a post production house in London, the budget came to around £4000 !

Heres some sneak peak shots! x


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