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Paidvert (PV) is a branch of the prestigious investment site has over 3 years of operation is (MTV). And MTV is created by a business activity has been granted in local government


Other than the main site, PV specializes in investing money in the form of click ads daily, but especially the participants accept free money without having to invest a sum of all. Often free membership war can earn up to $ 0.25 / day by clicking ads. And could use the money earned to return to investors.

But overall PV still favored than you engaged for the purpose of investment by letting them get the kind of money on advertising clicks to $ 50 (depending on the level of investment)

Currently, PV supports many payment gateways pros use. Not to mention, PV also accept paypal member invested with (That is of course limited) And coming can add WMZ Russian port on the system.

Admin is now Jo. He is the one who is very enthusiastic, attentive support. So you can trust Paidverts investment as a long-term investment channels.

The group of PV:

BAP Group 1 ...... .. 1600 to 12000
BAP Group 2 ...... .. 12000 to 24000
BAP Group 3 ...... .. 24k to 48k
BAP Group 4 ...... .. 48k to 96k
BAP Group 5 ...... .. 96k to 180k
BAP Group 6 ...... .. 180k to 360k
BAP Group 7 ...... .. 360k to 720k
BAP Group 8 ...... .. 720k to 1.5m
BAP Group 9 ...... .. 1.5m to 3m
BAP Group 10 ....... 3m to 6m
BAP Group 11 ....... 6m to 20m
BAP Group 12 ....... 20,000,000+

Details profit groups see

Guide to register Paidverts
About Paidvert
Instructions to run ads Paidverts
Guide to Buying the package to reinvest capital turnover
Guidelines on how to buy ads by PM
Guidelines on how to buy ads by Paypal (PP)
War Paidvert effective method
Instructions on how to withdraw money
Note joining Paidvert

Guide to register Paidverts
First, when you want to start this job and want to earn money from it then requires you to get serious with it. PV just to give you a free tool, and earn more or less fast or slow is still due to you to decide. Only if you have a specific goal, I can guide you to get to your destination. But his goal is clear is that after 2 years you have 20 professional activities and have the same number of BAP alone is 20 million, equivalent to income received daily 50 $ -60 $ (about 1 million Vietnamese Male). You must know what you want and monthly want to earn much money from his Paiverts also will be showing you how search only. There are many steps to do so since registration until withdraw money. Here is the first step that we started doing.

Proof receive money from PV
huong dan kiem tien paidvert
Guidelines for register paidvert

Step 1: You on the link or banner below to register to participate
Step 2: You click the Create Account button to register

Step 3: you completed the registration requirements as shown below!

After you click on Open Account, you already have an account and be logged into the system by returning to the home page and click on the Account Login button in Figure 1
- If you are not registered, or can not be completed, you should change your browser (Chrome or Firefox is recommended that users)
- Be sure the day / month / year when registered, why when you withdraw the money needed to confirm the date / month / year
- Not logged often account for 5 different ip
- Do not create multiple accounts to cheat the system by mistake









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