Making your very own fidget spinner DIY - How To

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Fidget spinners are super popular right now, especially with kids. Even if you don’t get it, no doubt your child will. Here’s how to make your very own.

These spinners can be customized however you want with markers, duct tape or imagination.

Here’s the things you’ll need:

1” wide craft sticks (2.6” works well but larger can be used)
Skateboard bearing
3/8 Flat Washers
Clear glue (E6000 works well, but you can get away with superglue if you’re in a hurry)


Cut a couple of the craft sticks in half. You will be using a total of 3 of the halves.

Decorate the sticks if you want. This gives you the chance to really make the spinner your own. Markers, paint or even duct tape work great for this job.

Make a triangle out of your 3 craft sticks and glue them together. The skate bearing will go in the center of the triangle and the sticks will be pushed to close the center of the triangle around it. Use the clothespins to hold the sticks together while the glue dries.

Now turn your creation over and put glue on each of the points the bearing meets the craft sticks to hold it in place.

Although the bearing allows the spinner to spin, the lack of mass on the four corners makes the spinning relatively underwhelming. We are going to add mass to the corners to speed it up and keep it spinning longer. So, go ahead and grab those washers.

Now it’s time to glue some washers to the outside corners. Make sure you wait the specified time for the glue to dry. Once, dry you are ready to spin!


Have fun with your new fidget spinner! Feel free to reply with pictures of your very own.

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